Zoggie's Day Off

Yes, Zoggie had a…SNOW DAY!!! I love those things, and it was my first snow day of the school year, and it came after midterms- since I need a day off. Ahh.

Any other students experience this? :stuck_out_tongue: Or, did any of you working people decide to just take the day off and frolick in the white stuff? Its great fun, being able to go back to sleep, and not do much of anything. :cool:

Hopefully, since I won’t have the classes I would have had today until Wednesday, I won’t have any homework tomorrow. Anyway. Yay!! Just thought I’d share. (I would have posted the moment I woke up except that the boards were down.)

Here in Alberta, there is very little snow and it’s very brown outside.

The farmers are going to be hurting here if they get no ground moisture.

My trees are getting sun scald.

Send some snow here please. :slight_smile:


..sending Smug snow one ball at a time....

sigh I’ve never had a snow day. There’s very little snow in SoCal, and even less in Hawaii… :frowning: