My College Called a Snow Day!

My school has only cancelled class for the weather TWICE in THIRTY THREE YEARS. I just woke up (it’s 7 am) because I heard my roommate talking to her mom using the words ‘snow day’ and ‘foot of snow.’

Friggin a! No school today! They are expecting more snow - I do wish I would have bought more food before this happened (down to the crappy stuff) but oh well. Hopefully I won’t have to go to work tonight either.

I’m going back to bed!

Cool! Have a great day. We are likely to get bad rain here in PA, but no snow.

I remember once when I was in college and we had a really bad snow storm. I lived off campus so I usually hitched to school. That day no one picked me up and I walked about 2 1/2 hours to school, ony to find that they had called a snow day and there was no classes!

Ah, the good old days!

I wish there was some chance of that happening here. We’ve gotten a lot of rain so biking to class is going to be miserable, but that’s it. We almost never actually close for snow.

Strangely enough, it’s 63 degrees in Boston. I blame Al Gore.

My uni never calls a snow day. It makes sense since most people live on campus. A prof who has been there thirty some years said the only time in her memory they canceled classes was when the central boiler broke down and there was no heat in the buildings.

There were two snow days when I was in college. It was rare for the college to call one since it was a full residental campus and even a lot of the professors lived in walking distance. The last one called when I was there required snow, a night of freezing rain, and then more snow on top of that.

I went to a college like that. It was in Minnesota, so snow was just par for the course. Some of the older students could tell us stories about the legendary Day They Cancelled Classes Because Of The Weather.
The college I teach at has closed for the day today (as have all the other schools around here). Next week is finals week, so today was just going to be a review day. I wonder whether final exam scores will go up or down on account of missing that last day of review.

We had one snow day here (college) sometime around 2001 or so. Non-essential personnel were excused, but apparently then there was some sort of fallout with the union folks and they will try never to call one again!

The University I attended has a strict will not cancel classes ever policy. That is because the last time they cancelled classes, every liquor store and grocery store in town ran out of booze. Students were seen pulling sleds with kegs of beer on them.

The real problems was that some of the students were jumping out of 4th story windows into the snow drifts and canoeing down a big hill behind campus. This led to a few injuries.

The policy is that you don’t have to go to class if it is unsafe to get there, but they will not be cancelled.