Snow is a 4-letter word in the MMP

We may see our first flakes this week, if the weather dudes at Channel 7 are to be believed. No massive snowfall is predicted, so I may not have to break out the shovel, but still, not happy.

So, our soon-to-be ignored topic - Weather - what we love and what we hate.

Love: mild, open-window weather with gentle breezes
Hate: extremes of temp, humidity, wind, precip

Carry on and Happy Moanday!


It’s dry and bright over here, bit windy as I can hear it whistling round the building where I am. I ventured to campus today (had something I needed to do here) and my building is a small round-ish place that sits between two larger (taller) buildings. It creates a kind of wind tunnel effect so even with a stiff breeze, you can hear it whistling around outside.

I don’t mind, I quite like this kind of weather. I dislike snow, mainly because when we get it over here, people act like total idiots and drive at 2mph everywhere. I also don’t really go a bundle on heat either, you can thank menopause for that, I’m usually warm at the best of times. Another good reason not to be in the campus office - the heating’s on and it’s far too hot for me.

A warm day where I can have windows open and a bit of breeze, that’s ideal for me.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 70 Amurrkin out and cloudy with a predicted high of 70 (yep, it’s as good as its gonna get) and rain/tstorms/apocalypse for the day. This bein’ Moanday, we shall spiff da cave. Burgers ‘n fixin’s with fries shall be sup. I have Vestry meetin’ this evenin’. If it is stormy I shall take the option to join via Zoom, otherwise I’ll show up in person. Also have some proposed budget stuff to read before the meetin’. Oh Joy!

I like warm to hot weather. I am a Summer baby after all. I’m talkin’ cold beerverages whilst upon my float in the cee-mint pond. That is the life!

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day! Rah.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

Saturday past was 35 and drizzling. I was in heaven. I love winter. I hope I have a white Christmas.

It’s 28F here heading for 42F. These are the days I don’t care for, it’s too cold to really be out, but not snowy cold where at least you know how to deal with it. I guess it was the years in Abu Dhabi (where the temp was almost never below 70F) and Ali-bama, but I prefer the hot weather months (as long as the AC is working).

Not much on the schedule today, go woke up by the Pest Control people I wrote last week, everything is cool but they are real good on the customer service…but 7:30am…

About an hour and I’m off to Jersey Mike’s for the Moanday Sub sammich. All y’all have a good day.

I uprooted my entire life to get away from the Texas heat. 'Nuff said.

(Okay, there were other reasons, but still … living somewhere with 4 actual seasons is quite lovely!)

I have a couple of minor errands to get outta the way this morning, then irk the afternoon until close at 9 p.m.
Yesterday I wore the looooonnng parka that my Other Shoe got for me as a gift, long ago, and was quite toasty warm. I shall fear no chilly winds today!

I do need to find boots that are warm, waterproof, and comfy-cushy. All my boots hit 2 of the 3 requirements.

Okay, I better get crackin’ so y’all take care out there, and we shall meet here again soon.

Rain continues. Roxy and I just finished lunch and I’m allowing her a few more minutes of TV before nap time. My last order from Da Jungle - the gifts for my great-nephews - haven’t shown as shipped yet. Dammit. I fear they won’t get here in time. Not that he’ll notice - he’s 2… and I do have a card with a semi-crisp $50 for him that I’m sure his parents will find use for.

That’s the latest from soggy southern Merrylande.

We’re looking at rain every day in the 10-day forecast, except for the 22nd, which may be partly cloudy. We won’t be able to see the meteor shower (as usual) or the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction.

I found out a log splitter costs $66/day to rent. I’ll need to move 30 or so heavy logs to the front yard, since I won’t be able to get the machine to the back. Wednesday will be the earliest I can start that. Maybe Saturday I can split the logs (in the rain).

Happy Moanday all! We just had two straight days of very-much-needed rain; today is to be sunny and cool.

I actually like rainy days. There’s something calming and tranquil about them. Even when I have to be out in it, I don’t mind. But like swampy, I am a summer baby. Shorts and a t-shirt, a little sweat beading up on my neck and trickling down my back. Man, that’s my kinda day, and we don’t get enough of them around here. People were meant to be warm. I left Chicago nearly 8 years ago, and I honestly don’t need to ever see another flake of snow again in my life. But I do miss the summers.

After a very lazy indoor weekend with the Mrs, I need to spend most of today off my butt. Shooting for 12,000 steps on the Fitbit. I haven’t yet decided what today’s productive activity will be, but I’ll find something.

Fall is my favourite season, because it means an end to summer heat. I hate summer – anything over 75o is generally too much for me, though oddly the heat in Bahrain and Dubai didn’t bother me anywhere as much as summer here in New England does. Our bedroom window is usually sheltered from precipitation, so except for brief periods when the wind was from the wrong directions it stays open year-round. And unless it’s raining, I seldom put a coat on unless the temp drops into the low 20s. I do love to sit and watch a good thunderstorm (“thorm”, to John Coleman fans), but if I have to be out and about in it I’d prefer snow – you don’t get soaked through in snow the way you do in the rain. As for rain without lightning and thunder, as I often say, if I’m going to have Scottish weather I’d much rather be back in Scotland so I could enjoy it properly! :smiley:

Weather-dot-gov says it’s currently 37 with light rain; predicted high is 39, but a 90% chance of “wintry mix” this afternoon. More snow predicted for Wodensday and Thorsday, with up to 11 inches possible.

I love rainy days–one reason I moved here. I also love sunny, windy days, which bring out the wanderer in me. Until I moved here and with the exception of a couple years in New England, I lived in windy places. I also love calm, snowy days.

I hate the heat and dread August every year, which is also smoke season from forest fires. The combination of heat and smoke is pretty awful, especially without a/c. Ugh, ugh, ugh.

I’m feeling almost back to normal (a relative term, unless your relatives are bonkers) and so grateful for it! I have yet another ophthalmologist appointment this afternoon, but just my regular corneal guy, and I’m all stable there, so no stress. I’m happy.

Fall used to be my favorite season, but now I’m a fan of all the seasons, just not certain months, February in particular. My son recently (meaning a few weeks ago) expressed concern that I seemed depressed because of my mom’s cancer diagnosis. I was pretty up front and told him I was going through an emotional February. Meaning, it was too early in my mom’s treatment process for me to see a light at the end of the tunnel but late enough that I’d gotten over my initial freakout enough to be really frustrated by her expectations of me while feeling guilty for being an ungrateful shit.

(In other words, she expected me to physically and mentally be present for every single appointment yet didn’t bother to ask me when I could make it. I work full time, and found it immensely frustrating that she’d schedule appointments at 1:30 p.m. downtown because she “doesn’t like mornings,” regardless of my work, which made me feel like an awful human.)

Anyway, that’s how I think of February - too late in the winter to have that holiday glow, but there’s so much to go until you see real evidence of springtime it feels like you’re trapped in a freezing cold, muddy month that never ends, trapped inside with your own annoyances.

Ah, well. Just finished lunch (half a turkey sandwich & a salad). I started watching what I eat so I can lose a bit of my butt; the aggravating part of weight loss is that it’s maddeningly simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Also, I feel ridiculously alert and energetic when I eat healthfully, but that feeling is usually outweighed by the desire for cookies. Darned cookies and their deliciousness.

Up here near Philly, we’re being told today won’t be so bad (I think it’s too warm to stick around), but Wednesday they’re currently predicting 6-12" and icy conditions for the rest of the week. They’re also warning that there will probably be loads of power outages. Yay.

Lucky for me I’m within a mile of the local hospital, one volunteer FD, and the police station/municipal offices. While I know they all have backup generators (at least the hospital does), this area tends to be pretty high priority in the fix-it list for the power company.

At least I no longer have to give my boss early warning of plans to WFH, because duh … Although I might at this afternoon’s status meeting, because that would be funny.

I agree 100% on your Love/Hate, except I do like mild days with fog. I always feel as if you could take an odd turn when walking in the fog and find yourself utterly elsewhere.

I like your emotional metaphor. Speaking literally, I totally know what you mean, though as a winter-hater, March was always my least favorite month when I lived in Chicago.

See, we know December and January are going to suck, so we deal with it. February is light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel month. Plus, it’s short. Then March comes. March is supposed to mark the turning of the seasons, the arrival of Spring. In like a lion, out like a lamb. Yeah, right. In reality, it’s just another winter month. Sure, there might be a thaw or two, but it’s always followed by more cold and more snow. It goes out like a lion more often than not. March is just 31 long days of teasing. Fuck March.

Evening all, had a training day at irk today- actually not too bad, as such things go, but the main drama du jour is that the department boss handed in her notice today. Not a massive surprise, the way the place has been going I think it was that or explode from stress, but there is no-one already there who is in the least suitable or ready to take over, so I have no clue how things are going to pan out.

Oh well, at least there’s only two more irking days before I get two weeks off. Bleh.

I’ll play in this MMP. I wasn’t around SDMB much in the past two weeks. Too much nothing to do.

And nothing is always so much work. A real time-killer, too.

As to this week’s topic, I. Hate. Snow. I’m not real crazy about any precipitation, but I always love the rainbows after the rain. In AZ, we get spectacular rainbows, often with both ends touching the horizon!

I got some really humdinger Christmas gifts, and there are also giant holes in my list. This year, I can blame those on COVID.

Let’s hurry up and get Christmas out of the way, gone, so we can hurry up and finish this stinkin’ year!


And you always guess incorrectly as to which end has the pot of gold, right?

Half of the stew beef I mentioned the other day is going into a pot of chili this afternoon…

It appears that between 3AM-ish yesterday and an hour ago, my treadmill was moved across the Susquehanna River from Susquehanna Township to Hampden Township. It’s taking longer and longer to go short and shorter distances.

Wanna start a pool for when I’ll get it? I’m guessing by Easter, maybe. Amazon still says Dec 17. Yeah, I believe that one…

Howdy Y’all! We spiffed da cave, achieved nappage, I slogged my way through proposed budget stuff (ICK!), and we had a late N.O.L./early sup of burgers ‘n fixin’s and fries. Not too shabby of a day. Of course, I must still betake myself over to the church house in a while for Vestry meetin’. This means, bother of bother, I must don appropriate bein’ in the public attire. The rain came and went and now 'tis N.O.S. out but a bit windy and coolish.

MOOOOOOM I say the treadmill will be here in time for Festivus. Then you can air your grievances with Amazon whilst usin’ it. :rofl:

Thus is the news from swampland.


Put me down for January 20. EVERYTHING is happening then!