A Cold and Frosty MMP

Morning, mumpers!

As I’ve been unable to post much recently (nasty work stuff getting in the way), I thought I’d treat myself a shiny new MMP today. It’s also bright and shiny outside but cold and frosty, my favourite kind of autumn day. And that is my only coherent thought at present, I haven’t had enough tea yet.

Hijack away!

Iz cold brrr

Not frosty, though. One nice thing about the City of the Prince-Bishops is that since this area is very hilly, it’s relatively not-windy, so I’m hoping winter will not be as bad as in the flatter areas near the coast of the Channel. Still expecting that there will eventually be snow, just hoping to avoid those cutting winds.

We’re supposed to have a mild day, but the rest of the week, we return to autumn. They’re talking hard freeze temps at the end of the week - note to self: bring in spiderplants.

Meanwhile, I’m back in the office because it’s what one does, right?

Happy Moanday!!

First North American! (Hey, gotta take 'em where you get’em). Rainy, but not cold today. Cold tomorrow. I had a good topic to start this week, but it may get better in the next week or two.
ETA: Well, I was gonna be the first NAer. ::shakes fist at Mooommm!::

Do not let a cold germ get within a hundred feet of me or I catch that sucker. I did call HR and she told me I can most certainly tell my staff to stay home if they are sick. Too late for this go around.

I quit smoking 6 months ago today :):cool::):):):):slight_smile:

I am taking the day off sick. The absolute worst part is having to be a mouth breather. Make ones tongue all crunchy and stuff.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 58 Amurrkin out and foggy with a predicted high of 85 and mostly N.O.S. for the day. I live in an area where snow is rare and goes away fast if it happens. I do not like snow and ice at all. No huge plans for the day. I will do some cave cleanin’ but the place is not too bad. I need to do a couple of errands as well. I’m makin’ my world famous Eyetalian chikin for suppin’ along with whatever else I decide upon.

OK, I need more caffeine and rumbly tummy demands sustenance. Then we shall see what the day holds.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

Butters, congrats on your smoke-free half anniversary!! Does it feel any easier now than 5 months ago?

Spidey: :stuck_out_tongue:

OK, back to work.

Congrats, butters! And hope you feel better soon.

I’m in a good mood this morning. Yesterday was the municipal election, and our big-shot, arrogant, over-spending mayor was defeated after just one term in office. I like our new mayor. She has a lot of good ideas.

Gonna visit the family house today and work on Christmas crafts. :slight_smile:

Mmoooommm the thought of smoking now is disgusting. I have my moments but it is getting easier with each week.

Thanks Emily. It is a yuuuuuuuuuggggggggeeeee deal for me.

Up, caffeinated ,and sheveled. Closing shift tonight.


Add my congrats, butters; my Mom smoked her entire life, but neither my brother or I or his kids took it up (my sis-in-law did, but she quit 30 years ago). Keep it up, you’re stronger than the cancer stick.

Weather is perfect; 65F at 7:30am, going to the mid 70’s, cooling by the weekend to the 60’s but not a hint of frost in the air. There is rain about for the next several days; it probably means I can’t retire my lawn mower for the season and will have to get out there at least one more time-blurf.

butters, congrats on the non-smoking. I know how difficult it is. I was quit for 5 years but last year…

Tis cold and sunny which is better than cold and raining which it did all weekend. Back at irk, ick. Everybody stay well this week!

I have determined that perhaps Firefox has been causing the issues I’ve been having with CREO. I had some really weird stuff happen this morning - like cue Twilight Zone theme weird. But once I closed out Firefox, it worked just fine. Maybe it’s a coincidence, but I’ll go with it for a while.

Lunch time now, and I need it after all the irritations I dealt with this morning. Truly a Moanday…

Congrats Butters!

Kids are off to school. I am having candy for breakfast. I’ve decided the fastest way to get it out of the house is to eat it. I will then nap. Then maybe I will do a few adult type things. Maybe.

It’s been down to freezing or close almost every night. Silly weather.

I did appreciate the extra light getting up today. Can we just pick one “time” and stay with it though? I don’t care which. Just pick one.

Congrats Butters!

No frost here yet, though there’s a definite chill in the air.

Bit of an annoying morning; one of the tutors is off on paternity leave, which is fair enough- but it’s been a bit longer than expected. I think his wife needed a C-section, and things didn’t quite go to plan.

Until now we’d had practical stuff to get on with, which the lab tech was going through with us. We apparently reached the end of that last week, but she didn’t mention that, so almost everyone went in today, expecting a class, only to be told “Oh, we don’t have anything to do until he gets back. Didn’t you get the email?”

No, I didn’t. I still haven’t, in fact :dubious:

I dunno how they’re going to work it, because we’ve only got 4 weeks left before the end of the term, at which point the module is scheduled to finish. The tutor is also going to be absent for several months at the start of next year, so they can’t just extend it, and we’re quite far behind already.

Cold, windy and wet here. Visited the backcracker and got snapped around a little to get the last of the seasonal aches under control. And doing a lot of reading. I like the winters for catching up on my to-be-read-pile.

I did some cave cleanin’, ran some errands and have been readin’. All in all a pleasant day. I decided on green beans and scalloped N.O.T. as sides to my world famous Eyetalian chikin. Also baby cornbread muffins.

Butters congrats and feel better soonest.

Craving cabbage. Who ever craves cabbage? Sick as ever. I forced myself to shower and walk the dog. I guess I will go cook some cabbage.

Had a long post that went poof.

We have supped. All is well.

Butters fwiw, meatloaf, cabbage, and mac 'n cheese is one of my favorite comfort meals. Throw in some cornbread and life is good.

ok the post time is off … its only 2:45 here in cali and the east coast should be only 3 hours behind why does swampys post say 7:35 pm?