A Cold and Frosty MMP

It is labeled 4:35 on my browser.
I’m pretty sure most of these things have to do with the fact that G-d hates me. Other folks just stand too close, metaphorically speaking.

Conga rats butters on being smoke free. I’m going on 7 years in now and it’s good to actually be able to breathe. If you’re still craving cabbage, c’mon up; I did Indian fried cabbage, rice and dal stuffed aigplants for supper.

We found out where our department (at least some of us) will be making a six month move while they do some construction in our area. It’s up in the air if we will still be in a purple zone as in able to eat and drink at our desks. The last time we went through this, caffeine deprivation was making everybody cranky.

The post time shown should be based upon your local time zone. I thought there was a place to select your zone, but darned if I can find it. For the record, it’s 7:20-ish here right now.

And it’s thundering. The cold front approacheth!

Yep, mine is showing around the 6:30-ish time, I think the time setting can be change by going to your User CP, on the top left row.

Finally used some Target gift cards I had sitting around since April, and did some mailing and napping (not at the same time). Got a (small) check from AT&T from my foray in trying to change phone companies several months back, so eating out tomorrow!

Rain scheduled for tonight and tomorrow…but still in the 60’s/70’s, so I can handle that.

Worked, came home. Watching the Packers.

Sounds like you need Boofae and her Pointy Stick[sup][sup]TM[/sup][/sup] to sort things out.

Sunny, I’d keep it in DST, just so we have later sunsets.:slight_smile:

Took Pepper Pup to the dog park, since it was not actively raining. She had a blast. She ran for almost the entire hour we were there. Not a sedate, slow canter, either. She was running full out. She’s been fairly subdued ever since. :smiley:

Well, I had a good story to tell to lead today’s MMP, but I took BooFae’s title to [del]heart[/del] lips. ::glug, glug, glug:: :wink:

New time is going to take a little adjustment. Went to bed too early and now awake at 1AM. Feeling a whole lot better too. Big question is should I stay home and rest or go to irk? Doctor note said I could return on Wednesday so I may just take advantage of that.


Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 59 Amurrkin out and clear with a predicted high of 84 and mostly N.O.S. for the day. It will be cooler tomorrow and Thursday rain is allegedly comin’ in and after that temps will get a lot cooler as highs in the mid 60s to low 70s. We shall see. I have a dental appointment at eight a.m. this mornin’. Hence, the reason I am up at five a.m. I shall go to ye olde home towne either this afternoon or tomorrow mornin’. I’m basin’ this upon how I feel after the dentist. Don’t think anything major will happen but one never knows. I do need to pack and will need warmer stuff as highs up there will be in the 60s. I shall return on Sattidy. Sis has to irk this weekend so I won’t hang around. I’ll go up again the day after Turkey Day and spend a few days. The reason for this trip is the final settlement of mom’s estate. Gettin’ together with sis and the bros Thursday afternoon for a late N.O.L./early suppage.

Now I need more caffeine and rumbly tummy wants to be fed. Purtification must also commence at some point I suppose. I don’t mind early appointments. Matter of fact I prefer 'em just to get it over with so’s I can get on with the day.

Happy Tuesday Y’all!

This morning the grass is white. Why is the grass white? I’m reasonably sure white isn’t a normal color for grass…

And my car had frost on the windshield :frowning: I blame** BooFae**, she gave ideas to the weather!

**swampy **- I like early appointments, too. In fact, my next dental appt, next month, is at 7 in the AM. :smiley:

We had rain last night, and more is promised today and tonight. The temps have dropped and the rest of the week is supposed to have below average temps.

The best thing about today is that it’s election day in Virginia, so we’ll no longer be subjected to the fear-mongering ads the Rep candidate for guv there has been running. Not that his opponent’s ads are all that much better, altho they tend to be more positive - and even the best possible ad would make you stabby after seeing it 27 times in an hour… So I’ll be glad when it’s over.

Other than that, just another day in paradise. Happy Tuesday!

I like early appointments too. Also, I recently moved much closer to my dentist, so that’s good.
(It was a bit of a coincidence that I moved closer to my dentist - I didn’t choose my current location based on its proximity to the dentist.) :stuck_out_tongue:

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Of today. I shall do laundry before hockey. It’s dark outside.

I believe you’re telling the tooth.

Work went late (I got home about 1am) so I had plans to sleep in. Those plans did not take into account our much-hated-lately water department digging up the street to allow my temporary neighbor (the guy flipping the abandoned house next door) to get water service. They woke me up at 8. Since it gets the house next door that much closer to being occupied I can live with it but some warning would have been nice. Luckily its too cold and wet for the Sportster or we would have another issue about now since it blocks the garage and I hate trying to wiggle through the door and out through the yard.

I’m not the one who’s angered the weather gods! I was hoping for colder weather, it’s good for my hot flushes, although everyone in the office has heaters on and it’s really hot in here.

Congrats, Butters - I’ve never smoked but I have friends who’ve given up and said how hard it was, but how they never wanted to go back again.

It’s my Friday tomorrow, off to a rock festival in Welsh Wales for the weekend so that’ll be fun. After the gym tonight, and the pub tomorrow, of course.

Welsh Wales? As opposed to Italian Wales?? :confused:

Lunch break. I’ve worked on 3 different projects this morning, 2 involving revising old drawings. Good times! :smiley: Good thing I love my job.

I’d forgotten that Firday is the Veterans Day holiday here. I don’t normally work Firdays, but I’m still going to put in for the holiday hours, because I can. ChaChing!!

The quality of your jokes is decaying. :mad:
Yesterday evening, I was out in shorts & a t-shirt; this morning is was within a degree or two of being half of what it was yesterday. Topping out in the 40°s & rainy. ::glares at BooFae::
I just entered a race lottery; payment is in Euros.

Got some rain and cooler temperatures (mid-60s F), but managed to get out and do my errands this morning. Have fed myself sufficiently well for the next 7 hours, so we’ll see what the afternoon brings.

Mooooom, you and FCD voting? Because, if not. IT’S YOUR FAULT!! :eek::cool::stuck_out_tongue:

ruble, been pretty lucky with the street crews here, but now and then… Hope they get it all done in a day and you don’t have a repeat performance tomorrrow.

Take care all; woke up about 5am and am considering nappage.

MetalMouse, if you recall, we don’t live in Virginia, we’re in Merrylande, and the only elections in Merrylande today are a couple of mayoral races far from our county. So, no I’m not voting. So there! :stuck_out_tongue:

I was just in search of a specific electrical engineer, requiring a walk thru the lobby. It’s all dark and wet and icky outside. And in a bit over an hour, I need to venture forth, at least as far from the side door to my car - maybe 20’…

God help you!