My "Location": Help me decide on a format.

Of the most mundane and pointless threads ever written, I hope this one sits up there at the top of everyone’s list. . . nay, I hope it makes the MPSIMS Hall of Fame (yeah, there is one in Muncie, Indiana).

Anyway, now that I’ve relocated and have a new GPS reciever (I bought it as a “To: Me, From: Me” Xmas present), I will be updating my ‘Location’ tag in my profile. However the question stands:

What coordinate system do I put in?

Lat/Long is too “plain Jane” boring. I’ve done UTM in the past. Bear_Nenno does MGRS. I’ve got Swiss, French, USNG, Irish, and I think there’s a Canadian one in my reciever that’s based off of UTM which replaces “A” with “eh!”.

I’m leaning towards UTM since I think I’m the only guy using it, but then again, I’m kinda looking at MGRS since I am still on active duty. However, I am open to new suggestion. . .

Seriously, I love Canada. I should have been born in a Tim Horton’s.

While you’re deciding, why not change your location to something cryptic like “on the Clark elipsoid”?

I’ve got a generic “I’m here!” tag for now. I might change it later, after lunch tho. . .

Um, but yeah, “I’m here in Georgia! See y’all on the 19th!”

It might be a tad obscure to the typical doper, but Galactic coordinates would be cool. I can’t give you a cite for how to compute them, but distance and orientation from the Galactic Center, down to the millimeter and fraction of a second or arc, would likely require scientific notation to fit into the slot provided.

To add to the obfuscation factor, select some arcane units of measure like furlongs or cubits.

Just a thought – since you asked.

You could always try the State Plane Co-ordinate System.

Ooooh! Good one! I might just opt for that! Now I’ve got three choices: UTM, MGRS, and GA State Plane. :smiley:

Shoot, I just might survey my own damn plane to the inch.

I’d go for Who gives a shit? because I sure don’t.

How about the Maidenhead coordinate system, used heavily in amateur radio? Every location is described by either 4 or 6 characters, depending upon desired precision: two letters, two digits and (optionally) two letters. For example, my location here in Richmond would be expressed as FM17RL. You can enter your coordinates and find out your Maidenhead grid square here.

That’s nice. And the point of your post is…?

Sorry - it’s one of my pet bugs. I actually like to know where people are from and the idea of a more arcane system of hiding your location just seemed very silly. I hate all the stupid comments in people’s locations.

But if it amuses others - go for it.

By no means am I hiding my location, I’m willing to get you down to my damned doorstep with my location. C’mon now, I’m an engineer by trade and training. You could friggin’ look me up on Google Earth if you wanted to.

“Hiding my location!” Sheesh. :rolleyes:

Currently at MGRS: 17SKS 4722 1193

Given that the data in the Location field is purely voluntary, with no way to verify its accuracy, what difference does it make? I could have made my location read “Freso, CA”. Would YOU know that was false if I didn’t tell you? People in real life don’t (usually) wear t-shirts that tell you where they’re from. If you want to know, you ask them. Why does this need to be any different?


Sorry, Tripler. Carry on, good Sir.

Only because I am an engineer, and have this idyllic notion of Dopers that if you are in town, and need a place to crash, you’ve already got one (with Canadian beer!) if you show up on my doorstep and mention your username.

Call me naieve, but hey, I’ve met so many damned good Dopers, I will happily return the favor. But I want it to be cool–I’m an engineer, remember?

“You know of Cecil? You’ve got a home here.” :smiley:

I believe don’t ask was attempting to demonstrate his/her maturity, decorum, and elan.

You SOB. You bought Kokanee, didn’t you? And didn’t stop on the way through to give me any.

Poor Ginger. tauntingly waves a Big Rock under Ginger’s nose

You are a bad, bad Gorsnak. Although, Friday night at my house included other Canadians, Rickard’s, Kokanee, and poutine. And Saskatoon pie.

Three cases (at this exact moment, currently two and a half).

And hey, my apologies for not calling ya when I passed through. I did think about you and dave, but had my plans set to visit an old boss of mine down at Langley AFB in Norfolk. I wasn’t avoiding you! I just had others to hang with for one evening.

Trust me, the Travelling Circus of Tripler will pass through Baltimre many, many times over the next few years.

However, I cannot guarantee there will be any Kokanee left by then.

I’m sort of with don’t ask on this one. While I admire the cleverness of some location lines, I find myself annoyed with those posters who say something like, " Well, here where I live we do things this way" and when I scroll back up to see where they live, it’s “under the couch” or some such thing. So I go back to see if at some point they mention where they really live…you know, just a throw-away line like “Here in Seattle we do things this way”. Nope, nowhere in their post do they mention it. So then a few posts later, someone tentatively asks, “Um, so where ** do** you live?” and gets a reply like “Well, sheesh, I’ve been posting here so long I figure everyone already knows where I’m from,” and then you feel silly and compelled to go search all their previous posts for the past five years to see if somewhere there is an oblique reference to a particular country, state, region or city.

So go ahead and use whatever space/time coordinates you find cool, but always remember to include a phrase outlining it in plain English for those of us with more classical educations if you ever post anything that includes a reference that is location specific. Promise?