my map-the urth speaks

then scroll down

this shows the true state of our reality
can you figure it out ?

I suspect that you meant to post this in MPSIMS where we usually place games and such.

If you think there is an actual debate, here, you might want to be more explicit in your description.

Eh, makes absolutely no sense to me. I suspect it’s someone’s private theory of creation that makes sense only to him.

But it’s definitely MPSIMS material, as a matter of fact, I can hardly imagine anything more mundane and pointless…

…and so of course the penny drops after I hit Submit and realize that the email addy on the link is for one “Shivalinga2002”, which means that Shivalinga registered here just to share his private theory of creation with us…

How sweet.

Oh. I thought it was a map to buried treasure.

And then the other, other penny drops as I realize the heading of the Yahoo page:

“antiquemaps · A fourm where buyers and sellers of antique maps and prints can exchange ideas”.

Uh huh.

Reporting possible spam to moderator…

Shivalinga posted this same link over on the JREF forums a few weeks ago. Nobody got it over there either. It’s some kind of strange creation myth based on (a highly subjective interpretation of) the shapes of the hawaiian islands.

If you stare at it long enough, can you see the outline of a yacht in the distance?


I think we had enough of this sort of thing with Seethruart’s Amazing Lunar Discoveries.