My mom sucks, for money???

I was talking to this teenage guy. He said something rude to me and I said “you suck” jokingly. He responded “you’re mom sucks…for money” What the hell??? This isn’t the first time he’s said something disrespectful towards my mom, and he’s never even met her. He has made worse comments to me such as “I fucked your mom last night.” No you didn’t, you asshole. And I don’t even want to imagine anyone fucking her. Especially you. I’ve told him that I don’t like it when he makes those comments and I want him to stop. He thinks its just a joke-that he can say whatever he wants and it’ll be okay. I told him that he can disrespect anyone in the world other than my parents. Saying derogatory comments about someone’s parents, especially their mom will get you lying in the gutter somewhere with blood pouring out of you. I told him that even if he thinks its okay to say to me, if he says it to anyone else, he will be fucked up. Since he’s 17 and is a fan of Eminem, I said to him that he would never dare to call Eminem’s mom a whore to Eminem’s face(even though Eminem does in plenty of his songs), because theres a certain sensitivity one must have regarding other people’s moms. He shot back “you said I suck, what’s the difference?” I told him there is a difference. He still didn’t understand. Well, he sucks…for money!!! :wally

Dude, folks who think “Yo mamma!” is the height of repartee are impervious to reason.

Well I did see her phone number written on the bathroom wall …

He shouldn’t say stupid things about your mother and you shouldn’t say he sucks.
Many people will insult each other’s mothers and still get along well that is just the way some people interact, he can probably say that with his friends and none of them take it personally because they know he doesn’t mean it.
I’d say don’t joke around with him because that opens the door for him to joke with you and obviously his jokes affect you more than your jokes affect him.

What the hell, are you nine?

My thought, exactly (about the OP, not your comment)… :rolleyes:

Back when I was a kid (ca 1976-77) saying “yo mama ______” was an invitation to an ass-kicking.

I guess times have changed.

Okay, let me get this straight. You insulted him, he insulted you, and now you’re whining about how he’s being too mean? Grow the fuck up, already.

And that goes double for your mom.

Whatever happened to Army Boots?

  1. What GuanoLad said.

  2. Why should this silly obnoxious person be violently assaulted? What happened to sarcastic repartee?

You let him know it gets under your skin, big mistake.

They became a fetish.

In her own handwriting, no less. :wink:

Yeah, well I got it by asking the first construction worker I saw, seeing as how they all know it.

Yeah but they only used it after I made a recommendation, and all my friends gave five-star reviews.

Two questions to the OP’er:

  1. How old are you?

  2. Are you male or female?

  3. What’s her number again? I sorta lost it

– I kid ! I kid ! –

Well there’s your first mistake. Now that he knows how much it bothers you, he’ll probably do it at every opportunity.

Didn’t anyone ever teach you that whole “sticks and stones…” thing? Anyone who leaves someone lying, bleeding, in the gutter over an insult to their mother has some serious anger management issues.

The next time he tells you that your mom sucks for money, maybe you should respond with something like, “Well your dad sucks . . . for free!”

Or, maybe you could just grow up and stop letting shit like that bother you. Your choice.

Sorry, glue, but you know what happened? he was talking about MY mom. An honest mistake.

You should know he’d say the same thing about ANYONE’s mother. It’s an obnoxious response that’s supposed to make the other person angry. However, as it has been done to death and every other person on the planet is aware that it’s just a stupid putdown that’s supposed to annoy you, no one else would even bother reacting to it.

You must have had a really sheltered life if you’ve never heard Yo Momma putdowns before. There’s no need to be so upset. You know it’s not true, he knows it’s not true and anyone who happens to be listening in is not going to think that it’s true.


If it makes you feel any better: my mom sucks for money, too. And it’s putting a strain on my wallet.