My name and sig line

I realize that my name is confusing, but I’ve become attached to it. When I first registered, I created a sig line to explain it and tried to use it once in every thread I was in to avoid questions.

But I’ve been on the board a couple of weeks, and I’m really kind of sick of it. I’d like to have some kind of witty or meaningful quote like everyone else.

So what do you folks think? Have I been here long enough to not have to justify my name? Have enough people seen the FAQ so that I won’t be barraged by people who are confused by my name?

Here’s the sig line in question:

The Ai\ Yue- Ha

  1. Eye You-way Han
  2. It’s Chinese.
  3. The symbols are tone marks.
  4. No, I wasn’t drunk when I registered.
  5. Just call me John, OK?


You might just use the sig once a week, or so. We have a constant influx of new personalities who might benefit from the occassional sighting.

I don’t use a sig line, but manny people do and I tend to recognize some by that better than I do their username.


John, I’ve spoken to my attorneys and they have no objection to your proposal.

However, I urge you to exercise caution in the choice of your sig. There’s a guy here who will kick your ass if he doesn’t like it.

If you’re hot, that’s good.
If you’re cool, that’s good.
I don’t get it.

beatle: Thanks for your input.

wally: I saw that guy. Maybe he’d like this sig line:

“Let’s go Catholic! At least then we get free communion booze.”
“No one’s going Catholic. Three children is enough, thank you.”

Oh, yes, Wally, where is that sweet boy? I’m thinking of changing my sig line just for him!

John, maybe you could have a short sig line that says ‘just call be John’. Then follow that with your witty, meaningful (or hilariously funny) sig.

The woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best. - Henry Van Dyke

Oops, brainfart - that should have read ‘just call ME John’.

The woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best. - Henry Van Dyke

Put your sig in the Profile under Interests?That has some room.


If someone doesn’t like your name, fuck them.

It’s whether you like it that matters.

I for one have no problem with it. As I said before, it has character. And characters, too…

Yer pal,

You could always try and make an ASCII character like me!

“I’m not dumb. I just have a command of thoroughly useless information.”-- Calvin and Hobbes
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Got a new one!

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