Sig Testing...

Now will this work?

Looks like it works!

Welcome to the board and i love your username.

Like the username, too. Shouldn’t your sig be “Pretend my sig is witty”, though? :slight_smile:

Excellent, but will the ‘Show signature’ be checked automatically after I use it a few times? (Dont quite know why it would, just wishful thinking!)

Thanks for the moniker-compliments, I’ve only recieved disapproval of it prior to this because it stretches people’s browsers apparently. I dont believe that though, since it’s got spaces in it, it should just take up two lines. Never mind.

Oh, and by the way, if you happen to go into #straightdope on irc, then I wont be ‘Pretend My Name Is Witty’, as that’s rather more than eight characters. I’ll be ‘saxoffndr’ instead, as I’m known as “The Sax Offender” to my band.

Cheers all, Harry

Sorry, PMNIW, the “show sig” must be checked each time you use it.

I haven’t figured out that whole IRC thing yet but when I do, I’ll look you up Sax.

Just seeing if my sig works.

How do I get my sig to show everytime I post? I didn’t see it in ‘user cp’.

Parentaletc., see the previous post by Ruby