My Name Is Url

Isn’t there an easier way to link to other sites on this board than have to type the whole URL thing out?

If not, someone here should develop one.

You type the whole URL? Can’t you copy/paste?

Well, yes…but it would be easier to just type LINK and then just paste the link. Period. Instead of bracket. URL, equal sign, then paste then bracket, backslash, URL bracket.

I know. I am lazy.

:confused: Eh? You just hit the hyperlink icon, type out the dispay text you want (usually one or two words, paste the URL, click on OK. Thats it. The whole process takes about 6 seconds.


Hyperlink icon…WTF…well, holy crap.

I, uh, never noticed it before.

Excuse me while I just climb under this rock over here…

No, no, no, you want to be OUT from UNDER the rock here.


Just paste the URLinto the text. No buttons, no brackets, no nuthin. The board will figure it out for you. You can’t override the displayed underlined text, but you said you were lazy so I figure a link like this will look good enough for you.