My neighborhood is weirding me out.

Since I’ve been home for summer break, there have been two businesses that have opened near my house that have made me :dubious:. First is the “Drive-Up Wedding Chapel”. I didn’t know that they existed outside of LV. Second is yet another fortune teller. That makes 2 that I know of in our city, just on Hwy 71, and there’s also a weird store that sells stuff like that (and aligns your chakras, and prints out computer models of your aura, and all sorts of other stuff)

I think that I covered the M and the P.

M. Check. P. Check. S. Check. I.M.S. Check. Yep, it’s all there! :smiley: Drive up wedding chapel? Do they say their vows into a little clown mouth round back then drive up to a window where they pay and are handed a marriage license? I say you need to investigate this donkey and report back.

I hope they don’t share the same driveway… and if so, which one do you get to first?

No, they’re a good couple of hundred of feet from each other. I don’t plan on investigating the chapel, swampy, as I don’t wanna have to marry a yucky girrrrrl.

You ain’t gotta marry a grrrrl. Just go find out what goes on. I just wanna know what goes on. I mean can they get hitched and get em a burger and fries while they’re there? Do they pull up to the drive thru and say: “I want a No. 1 wedding supersized with extra rice?” This is the kinda stuff that’s worth knowin’ about! Investigate!