My neighbor's tree died of heatstroke

Last night I heard a loud & nasty CRR-RR-CRRR-AAACKK-KKK – THUD! sound outside, but didn’t think anything of it until early this morning, when I saw my neighbor’s 30-foot plum tree lying horizontal across the sidewalk.

Now, it’s common 'round these parts for trees to fall over during winter storms, or heavy wind conditions. But there’s been no wind or rain for months. However, it’s been over 110 degrees all month long, and lately it’s been hot as 80-90F all night long. (Normally the ocean breeze cools us down overnight, but not anymore!)

I swear to God, the poor tree dropped dead from heat exhaustion.

Huh. Our neighbor’s tree died of the neighbors’ stupidity. They never watered the Japanese maple since they moved in, I believe. The beautiful, elegant tree, the envy of the neighborhood and which was a source of pride for the previous owners of the home, died even before this latest heat wave. It stood dead and crispy in the front yard for a couple of months before the HOA made them take it out.

Meanwhile, we’ve been watering our yard and especially our plants in containers constantly for the last week or two. So far everything’s made it through the 110-plus heat.

Sorry for your neighbor’s tree. Your location tag means San Fernando Valley, right?

I’m afraid your neighbor’s tree was actually a victim of tree-tipping. It’s the same premise as cow-tipping, except you have to push a little harder.

Man, this is the second thread I seem to have killed lately. This thread did not die of heatstroke, but of me. :frowning:

One of our backyard dogwoods died of heatstroke, in spite of being watered three times a week (all the law will allow). I’m hoping the other two will make it.