My nephew's first Christmas.

I posted here when he was born, overjoyed… and now again that it’s his first Christmas.

He’s two months old now. Old enough to wave his arms and legs around, old enough to laugh and smile, old enough to interact and play.

I’m not really much into children and babies, but I feel my insides perk up every time I look at him.

My sister bought him cute little Christmas outfits and snapped some pics while visiting relatives out-of-state. He’s the most precious thing, and I feel the need to bombard everyone I can think of with his cuteness.

Reindeer outfit 1

Reindeer outfit 2

Santa outfit 1

Santa outfit 2

And one to grow on, with his great-grampa…

I’m going to be his full-time babysitter when my sister goes back to work in a week. I’m looking forward to it.

That’s adorable. I hope he has a wonderful Christmas!