My new album - L e J i T

I listened to the first song, and I really rather like the kind of whispery quality of your voice. Pretty good stuff!

Thank you very much for listening, Sarabellum, and I’m glad you thought the first song wasn’t too bad :slight_smile: It was very kind of you to take the time to write.

I hope you might be interested in giving one or two of the other songs a listen - they do vary quite a bit, and maybe (just a hope) there’s one that will happen to strike you just right. But whether you decide to listen to any more or not, I’m glad somebody out there was listening to one of my songs tonight (and not feeling sick while doing so). It’s all I’ve ever wanted.

A big thanks again for the encouragement, Sarabellum!

I apologise I have nothing useful to add to this thread, but am bumping it so as to get Bosda’s off of the main page summary.

:smack: Thanks, and I can’t believe I didn’t think of this solution!

Hey Skinny, good music, Lizzie Lyzo sounds like it really fits in with the type of music I like, but As Voltaire said, project yourself more.
Dial back the instruments a bit, turn up the volume on the vocals a tad, and I will buy your music. I do like the sorta whispery breathey quality of your voice also.

Thank you very very much for listening, guestchaz! I will definitely keep your comments in mind next time I record! :slight_smile:

Ladies and gentlemen, the hero we need.

Update: I remixed the album, keeping your comments in mind, did a couple of paintings to illustrate the songs, and posted the whole shebang here:

I hope you will give my page a look and maybe even a like ? … and most of all, I hope you find something in the music to enjoy.

Happy Holidays and please say hello and mention you’re from the SDMB when you drop in. Virtual eggnog and mistletoe await. :slight_smile:


Listened to it - consensus from me, wife and kid is that we think it’s great and you should keep writing and recording. I like the ones where you seem to stretch out a little - Slip into the Night is current favourite. You have a bit of Joni Mitchell about you - a jazzy touch here and there, some melodic adventurousness- which is entirely to be encouraged!

Dear The Mighty Boosh,

You just made my day and my week with your generous comments. Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to say such kind things.

I take it you’re a fellow Canadian (from your spelling of “favourite” plus the Joni Mitchell reference) so I know you’ll get the reference when I say that now I have a glowing heart.

Happy Holidays to you and your wife and child!

REMIX: I’m using my one bump to let you know that the album has just been remixed. Now, although you still need to turn the volume way up to bring it to the level of most other commercial music, once you do, it’s really much more the way I hoped it would be in the first place.

If anyone would please give it a listen (say, on Spotify), particularly to “No Way Back” (turn it way up for this one) , “Mr E”, “Pedal Faster” and/or “Lizzie Lyzo”, I’d appreciate it so much if you let me know if you enjoyed anything.

Thank you very much in advance, and if a Mod happens to see this, do you think you could add “New: REMIX” to the title of this thread, please (if that is allowed, of course)?

Please turn the volume up!

Spotify: LeJiT - Album by Laura Thomson | Spotify
Laura Thomson