Ok - how do you *gently* tell someone they should probably get a LJ account?

Gently and nicely, mind you. I don’t want to name any names. I just want some suggestions!

You could invite them as a friend to visit your LJ account if you have one. Suggest it as an outlet for their creative writing skills.


That is a perfect idea. THANKS!

Lady Jane?

Little Joe?

Laura Jones?
Can;'t be Lane Bryant – the initials don’t match!

Why do you want them to get one? Are they blabbing on, hiding juicy stories, etc.?

As someone that doesn’t use LJ I’m not clear on why this is a delicate issue. Isn’t it just for blogging?

“Get a LiveJournal account already, won’tcha?”

That’s about as gently as I could put it. It would go downhill from there.

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I suspect the actual sentiment the OP would like to express is more along the lines of: Shut up about the mundane details of your boring life, and stop spamming MPSIMS with pointless threads about how you spilled coffee on your way downstairs this morning or how you’re peeved with your SO over an insignificant spat that none of us care about it. If you absolutely must constantly spew forth such glurge at least do it on LJ where I can more easily completely ignore your very existence.

I’m just guessing though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh ok. Thanks.

So who is it?

What motivates this question? Is there some kind of unwritten etiquette being violated, to the legitimate irritation of more gracious/savvier posters? As in “don’t start more than 1 new thread per week” or “don’t have more than one thread active at a time?” Or “Don’t write a post more than 5 lines long more than once a month?”

If such rules exist it would be interesting (and useful) to see them codified.

Is there harm being done by indiscriminate posting?

More or less…but they are a nice person so I don’t want to be mean. :slight_smile:
Just someone I see might be able to use a bit more support like you get on LJ with a smaller circle of friends.

And no, I ain’t namin’ names. Tho it’s not Auto. I like him and he doesn’t really annoy me.

The person in question isn’t even annoying me…I just think it might be better for them.

I’m not even sure if I will suggest it…but the suggestion given was excellent!

Since pretty much everyone on the planet has heard of LJ, I’m sure they would have one by now if they wanted one.

If you want to insult them, just do it.

My vote–if you want it to be gentle, it needs to be private. If the person in question has a public e-mail address, or Private Messaging enabled, use one of those techniques. If you type it in a thread, where everyone can see it, you are likely to get some back and forth about “I like Poster X’s threads, I don’t want them to go away” and “It’s About Time someone suggested Live Journal” and some “If you don’t like it, don’t read it” and the gentle hint that there might be a better outlet for the person’s posting will be lost in a sea of noise.

If the person doesn’t have a public e-mail or Private Messaging enabled, you might ask in the thread that the poster contact you in private at your e-mail (either in profile, or type it in the thread, as you see fit).

I was already planning to do it privately, no worries. I’ll let this die down a bit before I say anything, though.

As for Caridwen, it’s possible they haven’t. I avoided it until only a year or so ago…when someone I kenw got an account. That was the only reason I did. And now I like it a lot.

“Quit bothering me and start yourself a damn blog!”

Oh, you wanted gentle…never mind. :wink:

Okay, I get it now. You should definitely go with flattery. ‘You know, you should totally start a blog! It’s easy and you could have so many people giving you advice.’ They’ll do it, get obsessed, join an online community and be out of your hair.

I had to google “LJ account.” I never heard of one before.

Well, you know, you’re Thai, and they’re weird.

Kidding! Kidding! Don’t hit me - ouch!

Nah, the wife is Thai. I’m a red-blooded American. :smiley:

But still out of the loop on a lot of these developments.