My new album - L e J i T

L e J i T

I’m a singer/songwriter who has finally had her first album released. It has taken me years to gather the courage to take this step, which, at the moment, feels sickeningly similar to taking a step off a hopelessly high ledge.

My name is Laura Thomson and LJT are my initials; hence, the album title. There are ten songs on the album, listed below. *

~~ I would be thrilled and very very grateful if you would give me a listen, even if it’s just to the previews at the link (of course, I’m secretly hoping that you will buy it :cool:), and, if you feel like it, leave a review or two (she asked nervously!)? I’m hoping somebody, somewhere will like LeJiT … maybe even you? ~~

ITunes: ‎LeJiT by Laura Thomson on Apple Music
Spotify: LeJiT - Album by Laura Thomson | Spotify

L e J i T track listing:

Waiting for Johnny
Shadow Boarder
Mr E
Pedal Faster
Not Used
No Way Back
Slip into the Night
Lizzie Lyzo
You Better Move In
The Ballad of Barney & Clive

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It’s posted in Marketplace. Seems like the LeJiT place for it.

theres a few rules Marketplace Rules - Marketplace - Straight Dope Message Board here which is what I was going by

What did I do wrong? I really didn’t mean to break any rules whatsoever? :confused:

Looks perfectly fine to me—unless there’s something about your album that’s “likely to cause the Straight Dope to come into disrepute”? :dubious:

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This isn’t spam. You did not break any rules. Your post is perfectly fine.

The Marketplace exists as a benefit to help members like you sell stuff. You did nothing wrong.

Good luck with your album. :slight_smile:

Phew! Thank you so much for clearing that up so quickly!

When I saw I had a reply, I was really nervous and excited. When I saw what the reply was, I was still nervous, but now I was worried instead of excited.

Now I just hope people don’t see “Reported as possible spam” right beneath my post and automatically write me off as some sort of suspicious character.:dubious:

On the other hand, maybe they’ll think my songs must contain a secret formula that will bring untold riches to whomever clicks on my magic links. They will figure that the complaining party must have been desperate to suppress this information in the name of international security and so accused me of being a possible spammer … yeah, that’s the ticket :slight_smile:

Anyway, thank you again for clearing my name, and I’m still hoping anxiously that someone will listen!

Skinnybones, it’s not what I usually listen to, but you have nothing to be nervous or worrisome about. You’re really good and should be proud of what you managed to produce and put out there for consumption. Good luck with your album!

oops sorry …

nightshadea, please don’t worry about it.

cmyk, that was very kind of you. Thanks for the encouragement! :slight_smile:

Huh. I remember several of your posts, but not your name. Did you change it? I quite like it, so you’d think I’d remember it.

I like your guitar work, and acoustic is my style. I can’t currently hear the lyrics, though: though my speakers are pretty weak on this computer and my ears are stopped up. (I mean, I have to use the EQ to boost the volume so I can hear anything.)

You definitely sound good enough to sell stuff (unlike some of the vanity projects my mom buys to just be polite).

Thank you very much,** BigT**:slight_smile:

This has always been my username; I dubbed myself this when I was small and decided to revive it when I started posting here.

I’m glad you like the guitar and hope you’ll like the rest, like the bass, piano, drums, harmonies and especially the lyrics, when circumstances improve for you (better speakers and less congestion) :).

I am so happy you listened - thanks again, and I hope you give the songs another go.

Shit, nobody told me.

That’s no excuse :rolleyes:

If you havent released a Hit or more than one (meaning there is a song you released playing often on a radio station or two and people are seeking it _ meaning its trending) then blogging on topic specific or career centralized forums are your best bet.
If you seek the intellectual audience market your stuff with talk radio or politically satirical shows with known hosts… or start a podcast/youtube channel.
If youre poking fun at dreamers I suggest the medical field to strain that brain of yours… Is this musical motion your only focus (career goals and journey jamming in sync - if not… leave the legitmate calls to professionals and keep doing what you like to do. If its meant to be a mint it will be wrapped and knapped … (guns and the wink with tongue click)…

blogflogdog, thank you for taking the time to write. I guess you’re saying that this is useless, and I guess you’re right.

The other paths you suggest are completely beyond me; I would have no idea where to begin and no confidence anyway. Just taking the step of posting the news here and waiting has made me a nervous wreck. I think I’ve about chewed my nails off, afraid that someone will listen and afraid that no-one will listen :o

I listened to the whole sample roll, so maybe I missed some stuff, but it’s probably a good random sampling. I think you’ve got potential, but if I may offer a specific constructive criticism, it would be to TURN IT UP!

It sounds like you’re recording at midnight in an apartment where you’ve already had the police warn you for being too loud and you can’t afford to pay the fine if they’re called again, so you’re keeping it to a whisper.

Next time you record, make an effort to have the police called on you. Hopefully, you fail at that part, but it’s the effort that counts.

I have only listened to a few of your songs. So far, I like what you are doing.

I know nothing about the music industry, yet I want to encourage you. You have a great voice, & the guitar sounds good. I do not agree that what you are trying to do is hopeless. This may not be the best venue for it, but do not give up hope! keep trying! Hang in there, I am pulling for you.

Do not let others get you down. They may tell you that your stuff is no good. They are wrong. I like your songs & others will as well.

I agree with Voltaire, A little more volume +/or projection would help. This is the only input I have as far as your music goes. Other than, please, keep writing & singing.

Thanks, 48.

voltaire, thank you for listening and for offering your good advice.

48Willys, you’ll never know how much your post meant to me. It was very kind and generous of you to take the time and trouble write something as thoughtful as that to a stranger. It gave me a real lift. Thanks a million!