My New Foster Dog

Wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing them, she really seems to have a new contentment about her that wasn’t in the previous pics. Nice progress.

Thanks for sharing the new photos. She looks happy and much more confident.

Thanks guys! I appreciate the encouragement. Not bad for someone that abuses their dogs, right? :wink:

She is really like a different dog. She seems to know she has a whole new life ahead of her now. All the way to the vet’s she was very nervous and anxious- I am fully convinced that she thought she was going to be dropped off somewhere again. But on the way home she curled up and slept all the way to the pet shop.

She is such a good little girl!

I’m sure she’ll have a great life with you. :slight_smile:

Yesterday was such a turning poit with her. On the way to the vet, she was very nervous and anxious, I fully believe she thought I was dropping her off somewhere again. On the way back, she curled up and slept.

When I got home from work last night, my Gordon Girl Kharma invited her to play for the first time in the typical Gordon way, stomping her front feet and poking LuLu with her nose. LuLu was like… WTH?? at first, but quickly figured it out and they were wrestling at my feet.

When we went to bed, she jumped up on the bed and looked at me so hopefully. I had been having her sleep in a crate in my room, but I decided to give her a shot sleeping with us. My cat Ruby jumped up and started rubbing all over LuLu, again LuLu was totally confused, but after a minute, she started nibbling up and down Ruby’s back, very gently. Ruby just closed her eyes and purred and purred. I was in tears.

When I turned the light off, LuLu snuggled against my legs as close as she could get and I don’t think she moved all night.

I really love this dog…

She’s gorgeous! And she seems to have responded very well to your care.

Are you sure she’s still a foster dog, though? Sounds very much like you’ve decided to keep her.

No, she’s still a foster dog… but since I get a say-so in her adoptive home, it will have to be the PERFECT home for her.

And they have to agree to feed her popcorn at least 2-3 times a week. LuLu loves popcorn. :slight_smile:

Ruh roh. I’m seeing a failed foster in your future!

She looks and sounds terribly, terribly sweet. She looked unsure in the first photos, much more relaxed in the last ones you posted.

Well she certainly knows how to strike a pose!!

(am I the only one thinking PS is going to cave in and keep Lulu?? :wink: )

Not even close. I’ll be amazed if he doesn’t keep her. :smiley:

I’m thinking LuLu is already home. :slight_smile:

If I weren’t actively looking for a basset hound puppy, I’d take her.

I have a feeling she’s home too, chiroptera :slight_smile:

Is it me or does she look a little bit like Jenna Elfman in this one?

LOL Panda, you’re right!

As much as I do love her, she will definitely be doing to a new home in a couple week. If I keep her, I won’t be able to foster and help other dogs, something I really want to do. Yes, I will miss her and there will be tears, but this is the best for us all.

The nice thing with Above & Beyond is they will put me in contact with prospective adoptive homes, I get to interview them, and the final decision is mine, who she will go live with. They already have several people interested in her. :slight_smile: I will keep in touch with her family and KNOW that she is living a great life.

One of my main criteria- they must agree to feed her popcorn several times a week. LuLu loves her popcorn. :slight_smile:

That’s a great way to look at it. I know that the local shelters around here are always desperate for fosters, so if you can keep taking in fosters I am sure you will save lives. Nice work!

Annnnnnd… LuLu’s adoption is pending! I interviewed 2 possible adoptors yesterday, one didn’t seem all that interested in her since she is not heavily feathered and doesn’t have a big, blocky head, but the other says she loves her already. She is a single, middle aged woman whop previously owned another English Setter. She works from home, has a fenced yard, lives across the street from a park, and likes to hike. LuLu will sleep in her bed and most importantly, will get popcorn regularly. Now to get the transport set up.

I feel very good about this!

And just because- My Christmas picture of all the kids:

Left to right- Bunny, Sammy, Macee (in front) LuLU, Kharma & Nick

Adorable pack you have there.

LuLu’s prospective new mom sounds great. Will you get to visit?

It will be too far to visit, I am in Indiana, she will be in Massachuchettes (or however you spell it!) But she promises to keep in touch and send pictures.

Sounds like a really great match. Fingers crossed the transport goes through smoothly. Congratulations, Lulu!

b]PapSett/b] - Yay for a new home for Lulu!

Did you see that I lost Daisy yesterday? She was attacked by coyotes. I’m just devastated.