My new hobby - revisiting my old threads

I’m looking back over some of the GQ threads I started years ago - I thought I was about to ask something I had asked years ago and I ended up jumping into a rabbit hole.

And what a lovely rabbit hole it is!

Cecil actually answered one of my questions (albeit not attributed to me). Anyway, I didn’t spot that first time around and nobody seemed to respond after it was finally resolved by the master.

I nearly replied to say thank you in the original thread but thought I might get in trouble…

Anyway, I’m really enjoying the distraction of my discovering my early SD curiosity. I would heartily advise doing it.

Just thought I’d share…

Isn’t it fun reading old threads?
I thoroughly enjoy it. Not my own but others.
I will now be reading yours. So Cecil answered? I’ll start there.

Don’t worry, Its just a thing I do. :slight_smile:
Thx for sharing.

I made the mistake of reading a zombied post a while back.

Didn’t notice the date at first. As I was scanning the replies, one stood out. “What an arrogant prick”, I thought. Then noticed the reply was by me, from several years ago.