My New Kitty

Must be something in the air, I don’t have allergies, sniff. What a wonderful thing to have done. Charlie looks OK to me!

Damn damn damn.

Why do I look at threads like this?

I LOVE cats. I had a Seal Point Meezer for 17 years (may he rest in peace or give hell to them if he’s not resting). I had a Blue Point and a Balanise, as well.

I miss my house without a cat and now I want a new kitty, but my allergies have become just too bad. So are my girlfriend’s.

Charlie just makes me want to pick him up (gently) and lay back, put him on my chest and talk to him and tell him everything’s going to be OK.

Maybe have an affectionate paw stuck out to my face.

Why, oh why do I look at these threads?

Og, I’m a sucker.

You have a big heart, PapSett. Congratulations on your new acquisition. Did I tell you I have a cat named Papillon? She’s a Siamese and I call her Papi. I called her Papi because she was tiny and flitted from place to place like a tiny butterfly when I got her. She’s not quite so tiny now.


Baggins , you and me both . Charlie and I took a nap together this afternoon , him on my pillow , snuggled in my arms , and I stroked him gently and told him all the things you wanted to say to him . I think he knows .

StG , no , you had never mentioned your Papi ! What a cool name ! I would love to see pictures , if you can . Kitty pictures , doggie pictures , horsie pictuers , rattie pictures , snakie pictures … I am not particular . I love all animals !!


A big thumbs up to you from me and Lucky, Papsett.

Put me down also as someone who doesn’t think he’s ugly in the least. He’s adorable!

He may have a boo boo or two, but hey…that’ll just make him more of a stud muffin with the lady cats :wink:

What a wonderful thing you did…and what a wonderful new friend you have there. Congratulations!

You’re awesome! That’s the best.