My New Kitty

I am a sucker .

I went to PetSmart this morning to buy puppy food for my new puppy coming this weekend , and made the grave mistake of wandering over by their rescue area . Double mistake by going in .

In the SAME cage I got my Ruby-Kitty out of in May , there was the rattiest looking orange tom . There was a letter attached to his cage . He had been rescued from a house fire almost 5 months ago , and held at the dog pound for 7 days without treatment , waiting for his owner to claim him . He was burned over 30% of his body . No one claimed him , so they were going to euthanize him . Enter PAWS , a local no-kill shelter . They regularly visit the pound and take in animals . They recognized him for a gentle soul and took him . For over 4 months , he has undergone veterinary care . He is covered with scars , the tip of one ear is gone . His whiskers were burnt off . All 4 paws were burnt . He still has one burn on his back that requires Neosporin every day . I called his forster mama and talked to her . He is used to dogs and cats , and said all during his treatment , she had to pull scabs off to treat the infection . He never once bit or scratched , but purred thru his pain . She said no one wanted him because he is ‘ugly’ , but he is beautiful inside .

I was hooked .

His name was Char , because of his history , but I have changed it to Charlie . He is still very nervous , and not sure about my dogs . Ruby has her nose out of joint , but I think she will get over it . She is already wanting to get to know him .

No pictures yet , as he is still huddled in his crate , but I will post one soon .

I may be a sucker , but I feel good about this one :slight_smile: .


What a heart warming story!
PapSett** You are my HERO!

Give sweet Charlie a big hug from me!

Awwww. That’s so sweet. I have a rescue that spent lots of time in recovery with his jaw wired shut and a feeding tube in his belly. He’s now missing an eye and has sinus problems. But he, too, is just the sweetest cat. I think sometimes those that have been injured end up being more loving cats because of their injuries and the treatment they receive during recovery.

I think you’ve got a wonderful, special cat.

Oh…that is just the sweetest thing! You’re too cool.

(Orange cats are the best, too.)

Think I got something in my eye here…sniff.

huh. damned allergies…

Thank you.

PAWS is a really great organization. That’s where I got my Loki, who was dropped in a dumpster in DC when he was barely two weeks old. He is the sweetest kitty I’ve ever known, and he’s been an absolute joy.

You’ve done a really tremendous thing. If you and I lived near each other, I’d want to shake your hand buy you a beer.

Thanks guys . I feel like I did the right thing , but at the same time , I now have 2 Gordon Setters (Well , I will this weekend) , 2 Papillons , and 2 cats . It is a little overwhelming to think about , but the thought of Charlie spending the rest of his life in a cage because no one wanted an ugly cat just tore me up .

I laid on the bed with him for about an hour and a half , and he is a world-class cuddler . He still smacks the dogs if they get too close , but he is too sweet to not come around .

I love him already !

BTW … Loki is adorable ! I love a relaxed kitty !


I demand pictures!

Smacking the dogs? Sounds like he’s got some spirit in him!

You DEMAND pictures , huh ?? Well … OK .

It’s not a good picture , he is still very nervous , but he found my Papillon’s bed in the bookcase headboard of my bed and thought it looked cozy . I’m sure there will be a discussion over that , as Jay shares that bed with NO ONE . :wink:

Anyway , here’s Charlie .

That little sweetie is considered an ugly kittie? He’s gorgeous!

Look real closely , Lou . The lighter colored patches are scars , and you can clearly see the big , hairless patch on top of his back . His fur is … patchy , and the tip of his left ear is gone . But I don’t care ! He truly is beautiful inside .


Stupid question-what is a Papillon?

Not a stupid question at all . They are not a common dog breed , but I think they should be TMed as The Cutest Dogs In The World . Papillon is French for Butterfly , and their ears are supposed to represent the butterfly’s wings , the white blaze the body , and the whiskers , the legs . Marie Antoinette was rumored to have carried her favorite Papillon to her execution , to comfort herself .

May I present Jay (left) and Cricket , my two Papsters .


Charlie is a love, and thank you so much for giving him another chance. Your Papsters are cuties!!

Aaawww, even with the scars, I think he’s cute.

I knew Papillion meant “butterfly”, I didn’t know there was a dog breed by that name. They’re CUTE!

Good on you, sir! That’s a seriously beautiful cat. And he looks golden, not orange.

Well, I looked closer, and he still looks pretty sweet.

What a sweet looking cat! Beautiful Papillons you’ve got there, too :slight_smile: Give Charlie a hug from me.