My new Nintendo Switch

Well, really, I bought it for my kid.

We only have two games - Animal Crossing and Just Dance - but I’m already just blown away. It’s so different, so innovative, and soooo much friendlier and more flexible than the Playstation. I liked our playstation fine, but there’s only so many versions of “Call of Battlefield LXVII: Carnage of Duty” you can play. And the multi-use capabilities - damn, this thing is cool.

The price of GAMES is utterly nucking futs and there are virtually no used games to be had, but whaddya gonna do.

Have fun, We bought ours for the family three years ago and bought a second one at Christmas just gone. It is a brilliant system and they go all round the world with us and get used on screen and handheld in equal measures.

I have one sitting on my work desk now ready for a quick burst of “Crysis” when the mood takes me.

I’d recommend “Breath of the Wild” and “Mario Odyssey” very highly indeed and “Mario Kart 8” if you are at all interested in driving games.

As for the cost? yes the games can be pricey but two things to note. The online shop has hundreds of decent games for not very much at all and I also regularly buy physical releases of the top games for perhaps £45. Play it for six months and then sell it on for at least £35. The most recent one I did this for was the Bioshock collection (which I highly recommend). Crysis, that I mentioned above, I bought digital only but it was £25 so I don’t mind too much.

Have fun! I’ve bought almost all my games in the online Nintendo store. You can look for things that are on sale. I’ve found good stuff for $10-20 or even less. Sometimes a free playable preview is available.

Some indie games that are quite fun:
The Touryst (mostly puzzle with a quest story line)
Mulaka (adventure/combat set in Precolumbian Mexico)
Okami (similar to Mulaka but in classical Japan)
Untitled Goose Game (puzzle/action/quest, you play a very annoying goose)

There are many games in the game store for under a dollar. Many under 50 cents you’d be surprised. You could spend alot of time looking at the quality ones in the $10 and up range too.

Just beware that most of those games under a dollar are garbage. They purposefully set their price at something like 10 and then have a permanent sale for .99 so they’re always in the “Great Deals” section.