My New Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppy

This is my new Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy named Zilla(with more here a couple pics of my 12 year old Norwegian Elkhound thrown in as well). She’s two months old, and is doing great with the house/crate training so far. I was expecting Gizmo to mostly grrrr at her when she wanted to play - after all, he’s old, and he was never really interested in most other dogs. He wants to play with her, though. The only problem is that they bark like crazy when they play together. Zilla’s bark is, to put it mildly, piercing. So when I don’t want to or can’t deal with that, I will crate Gizmo when Zilla is running around like a banshee. Gizmo’s growled at her a few times, and made her squee once - all perfectly appropriate since she was being a pest and needed to be told to stop.

Sweet doggie…she got da puppy paws :slight_smile:

Squeeeeeeeeee! Puppy breath! She’s a cutie!

Zee ears…are they very silky, zoze ears? How about the paw-paws? Are they kissable puppy-paw-paws?

Well, I can’t say for sure from the other side of the monitor, but they sure look to be!

Virtual puppy smoooooches, Zilla!


I want one!

Have to wait until we get a new (bigger) house though :frowning:

What a beautiful animal!

Big breed puppies are particularly amusing. They’re so clumsy with those big feet, and they grow so fast that they sometimes get surprised by their own size.

My Bean used to run and hide beneath the couch when she got in trouble as a baby. But one day, she dove for her hideout and knocked her head against the bottom of the couch. She wouldn’t fit any more. She gave me an accusing look, because humans are wont to suddenly change the items in the “den” , and sniffed it carefully. It was the same couch. I had to laugh at the look of confusion on her face.

My grandma’s Airedale never could understand that he could no longer fit on a human lap. He was pretty dumb, so he kept on trying, despite our grunts and protests.

ridiculously adorable! Makes me miss having a puppy, but I do love my baby :slight_smile: The last picture in your set is my favorite.

That’s one damn cute puppy!

I only learned about Rhodesian Ridgebacks a year or two ago, but quickly decided that one would be a highly-acceptable alternate if a Husky or Malamute is not available when I’m ready to get a dog. :slight_smile:

Awh! Shes such a cutie! Ive seen a few full grown Rhodies before, but never a puppy. Ive always wanted one, they are such sweeties! Congrats!

She is GORGEOUS. Hug that puppy for me!

Aww, so cute! I’m glad her and Gizmo get along, integrating new pets can be nervewracking.

So why did you pick a Ridgeback? Will she get very big?

Aww… puppy puppy puppy PUPPY!

If you don’t care about the ridge, apparently something like 5 percent of the breed are born without the ridge for some genetic reason. In general, the breeders charge considerably less for these dogs, who only differ in a superficial way.

Congratulations!!! He’s GAWJUS!!!

Approximately the size of a Doberman.

Looks like my dog when he was a puppy. Except my dog is not a ridgeback.

I wanted a big, lazy, independent-minded, very short-hair (minimal shedding and grooming), non-drooly, non-snorey lap-dog. Mellivora capensis is correct - she’ll be the about the size of a Dobie, but a little longer in body - probably about 70 to 75 lbs.

The cats aren’t integrating quite as well yet, but I expected that. One is curious (the same one who like Gizmo), and one wants to avoid her at all costs (the one who only tolerates Gizmo). Neither of them is doing anything extreme like deciding to not use the litterbox, thank Og.

Lissa, you’re right about the clumsiness - she trips over her own feet sometimes, and starts scratching an itch while she’s walking and falls over. She’s already bonked her head on things. I can’t wait for the first time she tries to run under the dining room chairs and can’t fit. Silly dogs. :slight_smile:

MrFantsyPants is right about the ridgeless ridgies - they do happen occasionally, and ridgelessness is a disqualification in the breed standard, so they can’t be shown and are priced as “pet-quality” puppies. Zilla is looking to be show-quality, but I wont be showing her in conformation, and she will be spayed. All the other puppies in this litter went to show homes. I’ll definitely be taking obedience and agility classes, and depending on how ambitious I’m feeling, try to get an obedience (probably Rally-O to start) or agility title on her.

Lookit the puppy!!!

Ridgebacks are great - I’d never heard of them until my parents adopted a dog that was part Ridgeback. She has the ridge and the coloring, but is smaller and has a more beagle-y face (she’s part beagle, among other things we’re not sure of).

We also used to have an Elkhound! Dumb as a bag of hammers (not the breed, just this particular dog), but a sweetie.

What a cutie! I think ridgebacks are such handsome dogs.

I sometimes see a lady on my train who has one for a service animal (she’s not blind, and I’m not rude/nosy enough to ask her what service the dog performs for her), and I always enjoy watching her lovely dog (bitch, actually) handle herself in public. Very good manners, of course, as any service animal should have - also, many people are attracted to her and want to pet her or ask her owner questions about her. She’s a wonderful ambassador for her breed.

Congrats! What a great puppy. I love that breed.

She is ADORABLE!!! Gotta love Puppy Breath!