My Next Personal Story. Crashing the Car, Losing My Dad's Ring Before He Dies of Cancer

I finally decided to tell the other story from my life.

When I was in high school, I used to live in an area that snowed a lot in the winter. After days of wishing I had a awesome ring to wear, and show off, I finally asked my dad If I could have his ring that he never wore. It was a very unique looking ring, and it had a diamond in the middle of the emblem. The ring was made of gold, and not cheap brass, so it still looked new.
To my surprise, he agreed to let me wear it. The ring meant more to me than what I could explain with words.

The next day, when the school bell rang, and it was time to go home. I was anxious to get home, so I got in my car, and I drove faster than usual. The street had black ice on it, and as I was driving the car began to slide, and drift out of the lane. I panicked and stumped the brakes, which made the sliding worse, and I went off into a ditch.

The car hit a pile of snow, in a ditch, but luckily, it was alright. I put it in reverse but I couldn’t back out of the ditch. No matter how hard I stumped the gas, I was stuck. Then I tried wiggling it out by going forward and back; it still didn’t work.

After a while of burning up gas, I decided to get out and push the car. I reached through the snow and grabbed the front bumper. I pushed as hard as I could, but I barely moved the car an inch. I then gave up, and when I pulled my hands off the bumper, and away from the snow, I noticed the ring was not on my finger, but I had been wearing it all day!!!

I realised the ring must’ve slipped off when I dug my hands through the snow, because my fingers were wet, and they had became thinner due to vasoconstriction. I searched all around the car, and in the snow, but my ring was nowhere to be found. I gave up, and decided to call on of my friends to help me get my stupid car out of the ditch. My friend arrived jist short of 30 min and he got in my car, put and easily reversed it out of the ditch.

" How did you do that so easily?" I asked
" What do you mean, I just drove it out, that’s all you had to do." he responded as if I didn’t know anything about driving.
I drove home, and told my dad that I lost his expensive ring, and he was so angry, that he didn’t have words. He walked to me with a tight jaw, and furious eyes as if he was about to hit me, then he stepped away, and walked quickly up the stairs. I didn’t speak to him for a week.

Later, I decided to sharpen my driving skills on ice by driving around a vacant , iced over parking lot at 3am in the morning. I floored the gas and raced around the building all night long, and I did this every day for a week straight. Then I knew how to handle a car on ice.

About two years later, my dad was on his death bed with cancer. I searched far and wide, to find a ring similar to his one that I lost.
After my dad died, I was flying back from his funeral, and I saw a ring that looked exactly like the one I lost in a shop in the airport.

So what did you think?

Kulle story bro.

But, I can’t help thinking, you know, snow melts. Couldn’t you have put a marker around the area so you could come back and look for it later? Or, even with the snow, since you knew the general area where you lost it, couldn’t you have like spent the next few days searching for it? I wouldn’t have been mad so much that you lost it (again, it was an accident), but that you seemed to give up so easily.

You’re right, I should’ve came back to it. But I did spend hours searching in the snow, and shuffling through it.

Well that was anticlimactic.

As opposed to his next thread.

I’d been specifically avoiding clicking on that thread!

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