My Nigerian correspondent is from Thailand

For a long time now I’ve watched with envy as everyone around me got these incredible offers of wealth from Nigeria. I’ve burned with jealousy at their invitations to rub cyber-elbows with recently deposed high-ups in the government of that remarkable nation. Why wasn’t I chosen to carry out such missions of extreme discretion and moolah?

But I seethe with unrequited greed no more! For lo! in this morning’s emails what do I find but this?

I do find it somewhat peculiar that the request is couched in language so similar to that which graced my friends’ solicitations; but perhaps that is how all exiled ex-ministers and their ilk converse.

But bah! to all such mundane and pointless speculations! I must compose my humble yet confident and of course highly discreet reply. Surely my newfound friend Ms.Suriya.J.Hataikan Pila is waiting eagerly at her keyboard, and I must not disappoint her.


I wonder what would happen if you reply, saying “it sounds great, but just as long as you’re not expecting me to front any deposits or anything, because I’m broke…”

But wait! You have deliberately violated the request for confidentiality! I hope no harm befalls this courageous former minister.
I personally cannot wait for the delivery of my new September Coupe.

The only one I’ve got claimed to be from the phillipines, though the URL suffix was from Singapore.

Was Thaksin ousted by a military;

  1. dessert of ice cream or fruit-flavored ice, garnished and served in a special dessert glass?
  2. cosed four-wheel carriage with two seats inside and one outside?
  3. closed two-door automobile?
    and what is so special abut the desserts made on sept 19th that led to the population being put under surveillance?

I will never understand the political processes in Asia

ETA damn, beaten to the bad coupe joke.

…well, at least it wasn’t Marital Law that got imposed?

If you reply like that you generally never hear from them again. I’ve tried it.

This guy spends his time baiting them. Link has some crude language.

It seems odd to warn that the link has crude language while the missive from Thailand went without a warning.