My nineteen-year-old son went to the beach and while he was gone I moved away

No, really! When he came home, the house was empty except for his clothes and bed. I didn’t tell him my new address; I swear, I’m not making this up!

It can be done, folks. This is the stuff of legend, and I’m proud to say I pulled it off! :cool:

Why, pray tell?

You obviously don’t have a nineteen-year-old son. :smiley:

Bad Mommy!


Pray tell, indeed! One does not make a statement such as the OP without all the juicy background Anita Vacation. You know dopers just have to know all the details.

Go you! Believe it or not, there are three people working in this office today, and two of us were talking about how to pull something like this off.

Thanks for the clue. :cool:

You had me in fits of laughter by the title alone. This is something I could see my family doing to me when I was nine if I wasn’t such a smart booger back then.

Unless there is some mitigating reason, like your son is a pedophile drug addict who has a slick lawyer and has thus far been able to avoid jail time, I must say I think you’re a prize bitch.

I am quite willing to revise my assumption of your character upon further information. We wait patiently for the details.

It really came down to good timing and a lot of luck!
I’m glad to be able to give hope to other parents out there. It can be done!

They give out AWARDS for this? Cool!

Well, he wasn’t gonna tell her his new address either; she just got the jump on him.

I must have missed the relevant thread. Is there a link?

Hey, HEY! I resemble that remark! :eek:

Geo also makes a good point: I don’t know where he is either, but we do know each other’s cell phone numbers.

Okay, I’m completely lost.

:confused: Um, yeah, OK, ha ha, you got us. Now can you tell us the punchline already?

Oh, all right, I’ll have mercy. Anita is my sister, so I’m in on the backstory here. Kyle is 19, and ready, or at least thinks he’s ready, and that’s good enough, to go out into the world on his own. The timing of the move is somewhat coincidental, but worked out quite nicely. I’m sure they’ll exchange addresses eventually.

Not EVERYTHING in life gets spelled out here on a messageboard, there is no relevant thread.

No. I absolutely refuse to believe that. SDMB is the source of all knowledge. There must be an explanation here somewhere. I just have to find it…


Strange, my nephew did this to his parents. they went on a cruise, and when they got back, he’d moved to Sacramento and didn’t leave an address–although that was mostly because he didn’t know it until he got there, and besides, his sister knew where he was.

See, he’s gotten a DUI as a senior in high school, so his parents decided not to pay his rent if he moved out his first year of college. He stayed at home under about the same constraints he had as a high school senior (curfew mainly). Well, he figured out this wasn’t all that bad, especially when his folks eased up on him, and he didn’t move out the next year, either. Or the next. He was still in school, so his parents didn’t want to kick him out, and he wanted to quit school, just work and move in with friends, something his parents thought was a bad idea. So when he brought it up, they talked him out of it. Until they went on vacation and he up and did it. In a town 300 miles from them. Caused quite a stir when they got home and he wasn’t there.

It turned out okay, he never went back to college, but he manages a golf course now and is PGA certified–I think he did it just to prove to his folks he could be successful without college.
Oh, and they know where he lives now.


Anyone who thinks this was mean in any way has never been a young adult male.

“Cool! I have the house to myself for the rest of the month!”

Class, Anita. I wish I could have seen his face. :smiley: