My office pool won the lottery!!!!!!

We won $5 between 20 of us. Woohoo!
(Okay, we actually came out -$95.)

I really hate people who win the lottery and say how much it won’t change their life and that they’ll still keep working.

I’m going to take my [del]$4.75 loss[/del] 25 cent winnings and retire! Woohoo! :smiley:

You greedy schmuck!

What about helping out your family and friends?

They can buy their own tickets. Whatever happened to personal responsibility? Woohoo!

I won a whopping $3 for 1 number plus the power ball. So I’m only $2 in the hole for this transaction. :smiley:

I won 10 bucks!! FCM, I’m pretty sure all I had was the powerball on that one, so you may have won more than you think! I bought 10 dollars worth for myself, but then I bought another 2 for a neighbor who was not able to get out and play her number, so I guess I’m still out 2 bucks.

I’m going to suggest we use the $5 for 5 more tickets. That makes more sense to me than giving everyone a quarter.
Oh… Woohoo!

There goes your retirement plan. Woohoo!

We’re talking about Mega Millions. A MegaBall by itself pays only $2.


I have the MegaBall plus one more number - 23 twice, to be specific. I think I have one number on one other ticket, and the other 3 tickets have nothing.

I didn’t want all that money anyway - too many headaches… :stuck_out_tongue:

I hit all the numbers…spread across 13 tickets, though. Plus side is, that means I won $2 for getting the MegaBall, so I’m only $11 in the hole.