I won the lottery!

Well not all of it, we had an office pool so I have to split it with 8 other people. But I’m livin’ large, yep, out of $325,000,000.00 I have to split up $1. Whoo Hoo! We picked the powerball number so out of all that friggin money I get 11 cents.

Who wants to be my friend?

Two guys in my office each won a buck. One has to give 25 cents to the guy who bought his tickets. So after he buys a stamp to mail it to GA and cash it in, his net is less than half a dollar…

But the question is, will you be my friend and help me spend all of this loot? I can have only so many friends before I run out of money.

Yeah, sure, I’ll be your friend… Even if you only had half that much money, I’d still be your friend!!

I won a cool $5. Anyone here a financial advisor?

You mean cuz my ticket had a 23 in the power ball slot, I win a buck?

I guess I should read up on how this works before I go throwing tickets out!

scurries off to find her WINNING lottery ticket

Hey guys! Howz about you buy your ol’ buddy, ol’ pal Scout a gumball, heh?

:: grumble ::

Tightwads…win all that money and I get nothin’.

scout1222 I’ll mail ya a penny, just send me a self addressed stamped envelope and I’ll make it a point to give you a nice shiney penny. But you have to promise to be my friend, I already got FairyChatMom on my side so that leaves me with 9 pennies who else will sell themselves for a huge part of my winnings?

See, and all day today I was kicking myself for forgetting to buy tickets. If I had only known it was so easy to get in on this sweet lottery action, I could have saved myself all that heartbreak.
Sure, send me a penny. :slight_smile:

(Nitpick mode on)

I feel obliged to tell everybody that the game mentioned is “The Big Game”, and not Powerball.

(Nitpick mode off)


Hey Brim, I’ll be your friend for a penny!! With the current exchange rates it might just pay my car off :smiley:

OH, hell, why not. I’ll be your friend for a penny as well. I could always use more friends anyway.

My first thought was that you were one of the 3 winners un the Big Game.

My second thought was, “Will you marry me?”

My third thought was, “Oops. It’s a male.”

My fourth thought was, “Who cares? The offer stands.”

Then I read your post.

Sorry pal. The wedding’s off.

Briminator, your fortune is almost all gone!!!

How does it feel to go from rags to riches, and then all the way back to rags again? :wink:

Briminator - nope, sorry. Not to be mean or anything but call me when you win at least a thousand bucks.

Hmm. Now we know Arnold’s asking price.

:: sob :: I’m so cheap! I sold out for a penny!