My official "I'm retired now" thread. A medical Retrospective

In my weird 24-hour flex-time world it’s amazing how often the highest best use of a summer afternoon is a nap. Enjoy!!

I may join you here in a few minutes. Remotely of course. :wink:

I’m sure you could set up a streaming channel for naps if you wanted. :grin:

Napping is the best part of being retired. I retired May 6 and am spending the summer catching up on sleep and in general decompressing. Maybe in the fall I’ll decide if I want to do anything else.

Maybe we could all set up a Zoom meeting where once we’re logged on we point the camera at our bed / couch / lounge chair and zonk out. The last to wake up wins the title “Rip Van Winkle for the Day!”

Probably not as much fun as actually sleeping together, but a lot less likely to piss off our spouses.

You could also run a death pool at the same time.

When I retired I moved from Chicago to Chapel Hill NC. It took me two months to get my stuff moved and settled in, after which I did nothing but watch TV (including catching up on the DVDs I’d been collecting), read, surf the web, and sleep. Well, I did go grocery shopping when I needed to.

thanks for the great post. Congrats on retirement. I found the key was to stay physically active. In my case I made the gym a priority. In your case with a farm you should be fine. :slight_smile:
Naps are great. After exercise. It makes a world of difference.

Enjoy and we all appreciate your contributions here on the Dope.

I agree with all of this. Especially the gym and naps. Best wishes and keep in touch with us about what you do for fun.

But when you’re here to visit your daughter, send me a note!

I wanted to wait some time before joining the congratulators, so I put this thread on remind, and one month later, here I am: congratulations! I hope you enjoy this new time. And the naps!
Reading your beautiful OP again, I would like to suggest you make a script for Netflix or similar with your adventures and tribulations as a doctor. Something like “Breaking better”, with a distanced detached view at all that is wrong and weird in your corner of the profession. You will also need a baddie and a jealous rival. And some comedy.
Toying with the idea of retirement myself - a bit early, perhaps, but probably for the better - I hope you provide a good example.
Congratulations once more!
And don’t forget to post once in a while! BTW: How is it going?

Congratulations on retirement.

Perhaps you can work part time at clinics? Fill in as needed and stay sharp.

Congratulations on your retirement! Being retired is so great, I’m thankful for it every day, and still a little surprised that I lived long enough to enjoy it!

Missed this thread until now, but congratulations! I’ve always considered you a bit of a mentor–you offered a lot of great advice in my formative years, sometimes directly to me but mostly not.

I got out of regular practice for a lot of the same reasons–I was tired of being an RVU machine. I jumped into the waiting arms of academia with a big university, but it didn’t take long before that also became about the money. They wanted us to be full-time practicing physicians who taught and did research on the side, constantly harassing us about seeing more patients when they were doing nothing to bring in more patients to our little satellite location.

Now I’m mostly an administrator, with a hand still in teaching and clinical work. It’s nice, but more headaches than I’d prefer to have. I’ll be 50 in three years, and I won’t be able to completely retire at that point but I’ll be in a position to scale way back. I’m proud to have done this job for this long, but I’m ready to spend more time doing other things.

You’ve had a long and excellent career and I’m glad you have the chance to rest on your laurels. I’m trying my best to raise up the generation that will take our places.

@Qadgop_the_Mercotan , congratulations on a hard-earned retirement! When I retired, some people asked me, “How do you like retirement?” I always answered, “I was born for this kind of work!” Take care of yourself, my friend.


Retirement update:

The first two weeks were lovely, but then my daughter (who has CF) had a thrombotic stroke. Fortunately it was pretty mild, she’s recovering nicely, and is getting treated for a hyper-coaguability condition brought on by her chronic illness. But I’m sure glad I’m not trying to carry on a full time job and be there for her too.

Even without that event, the thought of returning to clinical work has been a non-starter. My stress levels are so much reduced, my interests in past hobbies and activities is returning, I sleep as late as I want, getting about 8 hours a night regularly. I putter around doing mildly physical chores for 2-3 hours a day, and otherwise do as I please. I’m power-washing the deck and house and everything within reach of my power washer, and am only about 1/4 done, due to truly ludicrous amounts of deck at my place. I watch Lake Michigan in all its moods daily, soak in our outdoor hot tub at night with the Mrs. as we watch fireflies and shooting stars, and walk the dog. A simple life.

I’m also losing weight, down about 25 pounds just by being more active and not stress eating.

@DoctorJ, thanks for thinking of me, and considering me a mentor of sorts. I do recall well your early postings about your training, etc. and am glad you’ve found a more rewarding niche than private practice, though I understand the pain of academia too, secondhand via some close friends. I love your plan to have a life and a scaled back job in the not too distant future.

OMG! I’m glad she’s recovering well, but I’m even more glad you’ve been able to be there for her.

Oh my, I’m so glad you could be available for her and that she is recovering well. It sounds like you are settling in well. Enjoy the shooting stars; they should be very plentiful this week.

Congrats on retirement, Quadgop! I hope I’m just a few years behind you. In addition to all the good you’ve done for your patients, you’ve helped me. One of your posts about neti pots, and that your patients would comply with rules better to keep their neti pot privileges, got me to start using one. That really helps my allergies. Along with a several things I do/did under a local doctor’s care: a couple of daily meds, a multi-year course of shots, and sinus surgery.

Best wishes to you and family, and enjoy the heck out of a well deserved retirement!