So tell me about you.

I start. Fair enough?

I am a semi-retied white male. Since retiring I stay up all night surfing the SDMB and what-not and listening to tunes long past their expiration date and sipping some Jack Daniels. I have been all over the world but am comfortable here on the sand dunes of west Michigan.

I am sure you have lives more exciting than mine. Do tell.

What are you retied to? Just kidding:)
I am retired, but, I have been that way most of my days. I am an insomniac, so I stay up late. Altho I don’t sip JD, I still like looking around on the SD at night.
I have cats and dogs, I like old tunes, too. I do some volunteering when I venture out in daylight.
I am a bit agoraphobia and accident prone. I could go on and on about my kids, I know it bores people, so I try not to.
Oh, and I am an artist.
Nice to meet you, btw.
P.S. are you in the U.P.?

I’m mute, my dog is blind, and my car needs a brake job. I should probably clean up the dead plants in the vegetable garden this week before the relatives visit.

I play the alto clarinet. I think that tells you almost all you need to know about me. (That’s the short answer.)

Was born in Montreal. Lived here all my life. I speak French. I have a music degree from McGill. I like animals, especially cats. I’m a professional composer and music arranger, though still looking for side jobs.

I was weird all my life. Finally diagnosed with autism last year, and then so many things about my life made more sense.

I play in a band that rehearses in the school across the street from the hospital where I was born.

I’m a juvenile product of the working class
Whose best friend floats in the bottom of a glass, ohhhhhhh!!!

Retired military and retired from civilian work life. In my life, I’ve studied Latin, Spanish, French and Portuguese and spoken three of those with a bit of fluency, but sadly no more. I’ve traveled to nearly 30 countries for work and play, including in Asia, Europe, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Africa and Central America. I was born in Alaska when it was still a territory, grew up there, and have traveled in more of the state than probably 99% of the people who live there. In retirement, I do some woodworking and volunteer work, and take guitar lessons, but mostly just do whatever the hell I want. My cat allows me to serve her.

vell, I’m just zis guy, you know?

I’m a white female, middle-aged, English professor, living with my cousin (in my house) and three cats (shared); I like to travel, play slot machines, swim, walk, read, write stories and screenplays; I have lived my entire life in So.Cal.

Not really, actually. Different drink, and different sand. Mine’s more powdery. Otherwise, same nothingness.

Middle-aged Australian female, one married twice shy. Adult kids and a sprinkling of grandkids. I live in a coastal community about 2 hrs away from our state capital, telecommute from home, have a cat and a budgie (who has a developmental delay…shit it’s so dumb, really). Travel a couple of times a year when finances permit mainly to SE Asia (because it’s close and it’s cheap).

I drive a Mazda pick-up (we call them utes here in Aus) which is the slowest car I’ve ever had, but then I was never one to drive in the fast lane. :smiley:

Speeling mistakes are my forte’ lol.

I spend my time up all night like you - surfing the Dope and ARS Tecnica then I go bicycling where I borke (heh, intebtional)two collar bones
I binge on The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul and cheesy B&W films staring Vincent Price.

I am not a youper. I live on the sandy shores of Ludington Michigan. Thanks fior sharing

LOL Grand kids are great! We as grandparents are allowed by universal law to spoil the *** out of them.
Cats, however, seem to take care of themselves for some odd reason
I drove a GEO Metro with no brakes across the Rockies

I don’t do much with water colors. I am into mixed media, installation type things. I had one foray into a huge mural for the city I live near. Never again.
I love the Walking dead and Fear. My Son-of-a-wreks influence.
We lived in the U.P. for 5 years in the 90s. Great place.

Basically a late bloomer in everything. Got serious in studies only in junior college year. Made a radical career change in my early '30s, didn’t think I’d want to marry but took the plunge and married late. Now I’m retirable and the kid’s still in high school.

I’m the great pretender, pretending that I’m doing well. My need is such that I pretend too much.

I’m lonely, but no one can tell.

I am a Master Sergeant in the Air Force stationed in Minot, ND. I am married with five kids and seven pounds of spring steel and rawhide disguised as a Yorkie. I want a class C camper for next summer and abhor buying things on credit, so I’m working a second job right now managing the base convenience store, hence I am online browsing the Dope at 0355.

Must be awfully busy. Six posts in eleven years.

I lurk allot; give me a break.

Early 60’s white male here. Born in the deep South, I type with good spelling and grammar, but talk like an extra from the show Hee Haw.

Approaching retirement after a long and varied career, a great deal of which was as an economic refugee from layoffs and the like. Worked (in no particular order) as an auto-mechanic, bus driver, truck driver, crane driver, ferry pilot, flight instructor, pipeliner, deckhand, EMT/ambulance driver, rescue boat driver (for boat races), cook, busboy, waiter, dishwasher, airport line crew/refueler and groundskeeper. Somewhere along the way I got a few degrees with the words “engineering” and “software” printed on them, and ended up coding flight controls, environmental controls, navigation, simulators, and am now writing software for autonomous air vehicles.

In about a year, I’ll hang it up after 44 years in the workforce and spend a little more time camping and fishing.

64-y/o grandmother, retired aeronautical/mechanical engineer who got bored and went back to work as a mechanical drafter for a company that builds aircraft trainers for various military branches, domestic and foreign. I putter in pottery, knitting, crocheting, gardening, and for fun I love to cruise, tho my spousal unit doesn’t love it as much as I do.

We live among the Amish in St. Mary’s county, Merrylande and we intend to stay here till the very end. Oh, and we have a pug and 2 cats.