My oven is hot!!

So are a few other things. The sun for instance. And the dashboard of a car on a really hot day.

Oh, my bath tonight was hot too. That was great.


My cuisine was haute.

Hey, happy 1K, SexyWriter!

And as for other things that are hot… well, I’d hope my soup will be hot! Yummy soup… must… have… some… :slight_smile:

Oh wow! 1000! I didn’t even realize it.

Well in that case, I’m hot too!


We need pics of the oven to be able to judge for ourselves whether this oven is hot enough for us to lust after what comes out of it.

[sub]congrats on 1k plus all of those millions you lost in the great SDMB trama of 2002.[/sub]

Yeah, haven’t you heard, total disclosure is the new discretion!!! Pics please!!!

Apparently some other things that are hot are:
Scott Evil
Emo Phillips!

Oh and congrats on 1000 AL!!!

Drummer Hot fired it ot.

Did you know your dashboard was SO hot that if you left a pack of Big Red chewing gum [sub]do they still make that?[/sub] on it for a day it would disappear in your mouth as you chewed it at 5 p.m.?

I’m not sure if that’s HOT, but it certainly was :cool: to my 10 year old brain.

Og Hot!