What not to say to me when it's hot

We’re having a 30c heatwave here in the UK and my temper is rising with the temperature. EVERY person I have met has said to me, “Hot enough for you?” Aaaagghh. Stop it. Stop it. Stop it. Even saying “Isn’t it hot today?” isn’t so irritating. It’s like saying at night, “Dark enough for you?” Or when swimming, “Wet enough for you?” My witty reposte? “Yes. Now feck off.”

I’ll go away now.

You know, it’s not the heat that gets to you; it’s the humidity.

It’s not the heat or the humidity, (well maybe the humidity a bit), it’s people uttering banalities.

awwww I feel your pain Schnauzer, i really do, when its wicked hot in New Brunswick, and GOD FORBID i complain to my friend in arkansas, he explains to me how 33 C is not hot, where he is has the real HEAT, blah blah blah.

Bite me, its hot.

No complaining, you! I’m in south Texas—we are having highs of 36°C—with a heat index of 43°C. That’s 97°F and 110°F.

I’m sweating my tits off…

It would seem there truly is no justice in Texas.

Hot enough for you?


Aaaagghh. Stop it Stop it Stop it.

It’s not the heat. I like the heat. We get little enough of it here so I make the most of it. BUT: I know it’s hot, stop saying… that thing. Do you think you’re the first person ever to say it? No, you’re not. Please be the last.

you need real problems.

yeah, it’s annoying and inane, but in the end, it’s also pretty fucking trivial

I’m with you! My boss has just come in to work (2.45pm) and I’ve been waiting to speak to him all day. So I go in and he’s there in shorts, a t-shirt and sandals.

“Hi Martiju,” he says. “You look pretty hot.”

“Yes, does it show?” I reply, sweating. “Not the weather to be at work.” (laugh)

“Too right. I’m going in half an hour.”

Ok, ok. You’re the boss and you can come and go when you want. But to come in, make some facile comment about how hot it is in this baking building when you’re blatantly about to go home and lie in the garden…!!

…I wish I was… (counts the minutes…)


It is trivial. I’ve got real problems. The real problems I can do something about. I don’t have any control over this. Does that make me a control freak?

Okay then. I’ll wait six months and then ask you…

Cold enough for you?

I’d rather sweat than freeze. Simple things make the heat a little bit bearable, such as a fresh t-shirt, a cold beer, a light breeze, the nieghbors pool while they’re on vacation…

In the dead of winter with 6" of snow thats been there for weeks on end, there’s no warming up from the bitter cold.

I’ll add one. It’s of course holiday season, and lots of people are out and about all over Europe. Same with my department. We’re the “Left Behinds”. The summer shift. Overall, they’re an OK bunch, but when I hear one more:

"Ha! Who needs to be in the South of France, or Spain right now! Lookit the weather right here! Poor suckers paid big money to book a trip to France, and they could have been in their own back yards! Ha!"

… I swear, I will pull out the magic lettah openah of death, and cut someone up. You IDIOT! Who cares that they could have been enjoying the same temperature over here? It’s still 33 degrees, I’m still stuck in this office, and I’m still wearing a suit. And I need a holiday dammit, hadn’t had more than the odd single day off since late March. I’d prefer to be riding my bike on a winding French Alpine road somewhere, or visit my girl in the States, or -even better- riding my bike on a French Alpine road with my girl on the back.

But that’s not gonna happen this afternoon, so shut the fuck up.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

But important enough to which to post a reply?

Keep pushing that rock, oh Daughter of Aeolus.

Yes! We’re going home early! A massive thunderstorm has just started and the computer network is being shut down (the last thunderstorm blew it up). Someone will now say to me, “Loud enough for you?”

I just wish it would stop raining.

And from here:

But it’s better than being hot! :smiley:

It’s not the thunder, it’s the sparks …
OUCH, who threw that!?

It is too hot here in the UK, I blame Tony Blair.

It’s going to be 36 degrees celcius tommorow.

celsius, even.