My package is being shipped to the wrong address

It’s a long, and probably irrelevant story, but the address form I submitted to an online company didn’t go through, and now my stuff is on it’s way to a place where I haven’t lived for several years. My question is what options do I have besides just hoping that the people who get it don’t keep it? I’d call the post office (, but it’s located on a campus that has shut down (it’s being sent through fedex to the post office on campus) for Christmas break.

Start by getting the tracking number, then call the USPS at 1-800-275-8777. They should be able to advise you, and possibly can enter new change of address information that will divert the package over to you.

Good luck.

Thanks , I just looked on Fedex and see that the shipper can reroute packages, which will be no help. Hopefully USPS will be a different story, and can help even though the post office is closed at the moment.

Depending on the mail carrier (like the actual mail person and given the area), some won’t deliver without the recipient’s name on the mailbox (i believe this is their policy), some will though. So if they don’t deliver, you may have success in convincing them to keep it at the local post office for your collection instead of returning the object to the sender. Alternatively, if the location where your sending it to is a dorm that is closed for vacation (seems like it is) then the packages may be held at the local post office right off the bat. (Think pink card here - you can pick those up without the pink card usually if you give them photo ID and the address)

I highly doubt though that the post office is going to re-address something based on the purported recipient’s say so. The decision to send something somewhere lies with the shipper, not the recipient.

About the only thing that I can think of is submitting a change-of-address form for the old address to the new, but:
a) you may not have enough time for it to be processed
b) the technical details may not be amenable to this (you don’t show up in their system as living at this old address right now, anyway)

I would highly doubt that the actual post office is not functioning even though the surrounding campus is closed, but if that’s the case then find the nearest post office that is open and call them at their direct number, not the generic 1800 USPS number

I’d already called the number, and the change of address form, and you were right, Rumor Watkins. It’s too late to use the form, and the college post office really is closed, so they provided me with information for the post office nearest to the college. I don’t know if that will do any good, since I assume the FedEx deliverer would take the package directly to the campus mail center, but it’s worth a try. I did try FedEx anyway, and they were wiling to give some advice, once my tracking number shows up in their system.

I don’t think fed ex delivers it to the actual post office, especially if it’s closed :wink:

They would probably be better off putting it into the main post office of the given city/region. Seriously, try the local town’s post office

I will be trying the post office, but they were few minutes from closing when I got their number, so that call won’t be happening until tomorrow.

The school’s post office will most likely be open by the time the package makes it to that town - it was only given to FedEx a couple of hours ago.:slight_smile: I don’t want to wait around instead of getting things in place though, so I’ve been doing all I can right now.