My package traveled further than I did!

I was studying in London for a month, and as these things tend to go, I realized that I had too much crap to carry home. So I figured that I would box up some of my schoolbooks and mail them home instead of having to carry them in my luggage. I went to my local post office and sent them on their way. This was a bit over a month ago. I came home from London and waited for the package to appear. And waited. And waited some more. I finally figured that someone wanted my dictionary more than I did and kind of gave up on it.

So when it showed up on my doorstep yesterday, I was very pleasantly surprised. However, the condition of the package was appalling: it appeared that someone had taken my box, run it over with a car, given it to a hyperactive dog to chew on, doused in water, then tossed into a big plastic bag. When I looked closer, I noticed that it had markings from the Deutsche Post. Whaaaa? At least the message was very polite and said that my package had regrettably sustained a bit of damage so they’ve put it in this lovely plastic bag. How very kind.

So apparently while I didn’t make it to Germany, my package did. I’m still wondering why they decided that my package should have gone to Germany, but I have my dictionary back again, so all is well.

Whenever I get a package, it comes via the Deutshe Post. They always retape the edges of the packages so that they are securely shut by the time they reach me here in Darkest Europe.

This may have been a bit of an urban myth, but when I worked in Europe I was told by my cow-orkers that many countries sent things via Deutsche Post because they had lower rates, so rather than send on direct, they would redirect everything to a secondary country (within the EU) that then forwarded the post outside of the EU. Could be total bollocks, or may have some weird kernal of truth.

I’d like to imagine that my package went around the world in a eastern direction instead of the much shorter western direction. :smiley: