My PBS afternoon without my undies < grin >


I am sitting here watching “The New Yankee Workshop” and Norm is using PLYWOOD!

PLYWOOD of all things!

So what’s up with that. I would rather see him make a beautiful table made out of antique wood or a chair from some lovely oak. But NOOOOOO he’s using plywood.
Okay, laugh at me all you want. I used to work for my father who owned a wood window and door company. I have worked in our milling operation and appreciate the beauty of true wood milling, not this plywood crap!

You draw me in promising no underwear. Then you talk about plywood.

Couldn’t you at least say something about how the table is sooo hard or it’s really cold where you are?


Plywood and a bare butt? Think of the splinters!

Thanks anyway!


Made ya look didn’t I?

< giggle >

I looked of my own free will:)

And beyond that I will not comment.