Man Stool...

probably NSFW no language (that I spotted) or nudity but still probably to racy for work

its teh funny

I’m glad that wasn’t what it could have been.

Made me chuckle. Wickedly. I’m telling my mates. :smiley:

yeah I have to admit I was reluctant to click the link as well. well worth it though.

I think I’d like it so long as it didn’t form a vacuum.

The ass check recess is about right, it’s a shame the nut holder is so undersized.

I think that’s because it’s supposed to act less like a brassiere and more like a golf tee.

Ah, more “lift” than “separate”. Gotcha.

Thank you for the horrendous mental image.

Well, maybe not *exactly * like a golf tee. I hope.

Sorry, didn’t realize **stoli ** and I were posting at the same time.

Somehow from the title and a post by lieu I expected something about, well, poop.

Sending the link to Mr. Anachi, though. :smiley:

My bad, never tried to tee up a basketball.

I like how the nut holes are not even. That’s yer quality craftsmanship, there.

I doubt there’s much of a mass-market appeal, since it’s unlikely that one size fits all.

All I saw was a nice stool with a heart carved into it.

You people have dirty minds.

A chair made for men and there’s no fart hole? Humph.

Heart shaped stool??? That sounds like something that would come out of my dog.

You know, between this and the Nut Bra (Probably NSFW for fake bungee nads) we men have got our balls covered!