My People are Gaslighting Me

And I don’t like it! :mad:

Second time in a few months, both related to “lost stuff”. The details are boring, but Dammit! I know when I’m being conned!

Today, while getting ready to ski, I dig into my gear bag and find the gloves that have been missing for over a year, wadded up and stuck down in the corner. The very same gloves that I told my kid to move from one place* in the house** to another a season and a half ago.

Gone. Vanished. Thin-fucking-Air. I really missed them last spring. Great warm weather gloves. Was stuck wearing full arctic gauntlets all season.

I’ve been into that bag 100 times since (even searched it many times for the gloves).

And today they show up, wadded up (which I would never do), and stuck in the corner of the middle section (not where gloves go, but was searched none-the-less, I guarentee).

Obviously planted. And this pisses me off. But I’m not going to say anything. I just wore them around the house tonight.

Nobody said a fucking word. :rolleyes:

*gear bag has not been in the house in years. It lives in the trunk of the car or a different house, so its not like they got put there back then

Now we know the rest of the story. How was your ski?

I was just getting ready today. Washin’ and tunin’.

I generally don’t go until the rocks are covered. We’re close. Maybe next week…

Had to put up the Christmas tree today. In gloves.

You’re funny. How was untangling them lights with gloves on? Are you sure you don’t have 2 bags or an interloping alien about who’s playing tricks on you?
Sometimes I lose things and they magically appear at a later date. I guarantee no ones around here gaslighting. Except maybe one of my cats. He does steal my hair ties. Maybe he’s moving up to bigger game. My cel phone is missing at the moment.

It does sound a wee bit suspicious… :skritches:

I don’t know about you, but I have ski bag elves who procure ever so useful items that I had no recollection of ever putting in the bag. It’s all rather magical.

It’s called getting old. My brain farts are catching up to the ones from the other end!:smiley:

Are you suggesting that Ted may have something to do with this?

Oh, yeah. It’s them dogs. They want you to have warm hands. ( yeah, right, they stole those gloves cause you won’t let them go skiing)
Seriously, I bet they go crazy when you go anywhere without them.

Nah, if it were dogs, they’d be all chewed up and slobbery.

I took Dixie (alone) to town tonight for a ride (had to dump stuff at the PO to go out tonight, and get dinner fixin’s). Normally, none of the short brown hairy people notice if Dixie is alive or dead, but the minute I snatch her up and get in the car, all hell breaks loose.

Awww. Dixie had a special Daddy date. That is so cute. Where’s them new vids of the short brown ( one spotted) peeps. You promised;)

Having internet ‘issues’ round here. I’ll try to get some up. Took a real good one of Doxie running like a Hero the other day, only to find the camera didn’t record it. :mad:

Bummer. You’ll be skiing soon. See 'em in the spring, I guess. I’ll wait.:slight_smile:

Skiing tomorrow.

After a day of skiing I once left a handheld GPS (remember those?) in the back of a rental car. Two years, and multiple ski trips later, I found it in my ski jacket pocket. Just sayin…

Is it some sort of winter gear thing?

I had this really, really cool flashlight. No, really. An Energizer HardCase Tactical Bravo. Normally like $100, it was on Woot one day for $25. I loved that flashlight. Took it when travelling, it was particularly useful when travelling with the dogs because I could use the UV light to make sure they hadn’t peed on my sibling’s carpet before we left, and if they had I could clean it up before anyone, mainly my sibling, found out.

Then, after one trip, it was gone. No longer in the suitcase pocket I kept it in, nor in my backpack. I figured it had gotten pilfered by a TSA agent or baggage handler, or accidentally left in a hotel room or rental car.

Two years later (actually just a couple of weeks ago) I took out my winter coat, and noticed there was something lumpy in the pocket of the inner jacket (it’s one of those coats that has a weatherproof outer shell and a lighter inner jacket that can be worn by itself). Holy crap my flashlight!

Wait, I’d worn that coat all last winter and hadn’t noticed the flashlight in there? I’m a very pocket oriented person, and the outer shell pockets are right over the inner ones, which is how I noticed the flashlight right away. I’m still feeling like I must’ve taken crazy pills.

Exactly. No way, no how.

But I have itermediates in there. I told my kid to move my gloves from the table to the chair. And he was pissed at me.

And then they show up in the trunk of the BMW 2 seasons later.

Subtrefuge, just to F with the old man…