My phone camera is afraid of my face.

So I was going to ask some opinions on a potential new hair cut for me by taking a photo of myself showing my long hair. I only have a crappy phone cam but when I take a picture and store it on the phone it gets all distorted. I can take and store pics of various objects sitting around the place and even my cat with no trouble. That just makes no sense to me. Perhaps I’m a ghost or a vampire? Or maybe it’s just an ID-10-T error. Maybe I’ll just wander into a hair salon and pay for a consultation.

Oh, I’m a dude with long hair btw and I’m getting a little bored of it. I wear it in a ponytail 95% of the time. I’ve had it this length for a good 7 or 8 years now but every time I get it cut short I want it to be long again.

You’re not holding the phone still long enough. Hold the phone up, click the button, hear the click, chill for a second, THEN move the phone and check it out - the problem is you’re moving the phone while the shutter is still moving (or some technical shit like that.)

BTW - I think you’d look super with short hair, FWIW.

It only distorts the picture after I save it to the phone. Right after I take the picture the screen shows me what I snapped. It looks fine there. Then I store it to the phone and look at it from there and it’s borked.

Here are some pics I just took. linky. The face pic is all messed up but like I said it looked fine prior to being stored on the phone. Maybe I’ll go find somebody else to take a pic of and see if it does the same thing.

And thanks for the compliment btw. Well, assuming I get the haircut that is :wink:

Dude - you need to trust me here - my phone did the exact same thing until my friend said “Yer moving the phone away to fast you friggin’ dumbass.” I did what he said and it worked - seriously. Same deal - pic looks ok, then you save it and it’s all screwy. Just TRUST me.

Oh, and BTW - Get a haircut and get a real job! [/George Thorogood]

Well lookee there! It worked! Thanks :slight_smile: Updated the link with a couple new pics and now the voting is open. Cut it? Suggestions? Move this thread to IMHO?

There is this one from an article at short hair

The Pierce Brosnan link

The Bill Clinton link

My hair will pretty much stick straight out when its short so perhaps the Jet Li?


Ok, it’s impossible to tell from the first link because all the models are too pretty, and look about 12.

I think the Bill Clinton is kind of cool. The Jet Li link isn’t working though…

Humm - actually your hair would probably take to the Pierce Brosnan pretty well too.

Jet Li take two.

From all the other hair threads it would seem I’d be well advised to print a picture and bring it with me eh? Black and white will have to do. I have no printer at home and work only has black and white.

You didn’t happen to view a strange video in the last seven days, did you?

Actually I did. Hang on a sec, my phone is ringing…

sounds of creepy heavy breathing

Yes I can hear you now!

It was just the Verizon guy. Nothing to worry about :slight_smile: