my puppy's being put to sleep on wednesday

My dog is 7 months old and she has come down with kidney failure. she was hospitalized for 4 days, but they couldn’t do anything more, so they sent her back home. we’ve been taking care of her for about 1 or two weeks hoping that she would ride it out. she went to the vets and they said that she is going to die soon, and in tremendous pain, if we dont put her down soon. My mom is a wreak. last year we had to put down 2 of our dogs becuase of the same thing, but that was easier becuase they had a full life. I am so sick of dealing with death, as i’m sure some of you remember, one of my teachers died a few weeks ago.

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I’m so sorry you have to deal with this stuff!
I just lost my Lucky last week. He wasn’t a pup but he was my little baby, small enough to hold in my arms. He died from liver cancer. It was the hardest thing in the world to have him put down. He didn’t “seem” to be in much pain, but I’m sure he was just being brave for me.
I lost my ferret to pneumonia a few months ago, and my 18 year old grampadog passed away last summer. Nothing anyone can say will take away the pain, and it seems like some people don’t have too much sympathy for lost pets, at least where I work.
I can’t write much more without getting all weepy again, so I’ll end it here.
You have my complete sympathy.

I’m so sorry, and I am not going to hand you any stuff about how death is just part of life. When you love someone, losing them hurts worse than anything that can happen to you.

Try to think about how much pain your puppy is in, how much she needs to be at peace. It isn’t much help, but …maybe it will help at least a little.

My heart goes out to you, and my prayers too. There is a website also, that deals with grieving over a lost loved pet. I don’t know what it is, but I think if you do a search here, I have seen it posted. If you have your email listed here, I will find it for you and email it. I am lame at posting links.

I’m so sorry.

Much Love,


i’m going to recite prayers over her with my mom from the tibetan book of the dead(i’m buddhist) before she passes on. my mom is having an incredibly hard time. in my family, animals are treated like they are human, so it’s like loosing a sibling.

We lost our Best Dog, Miss Emily, a few years ago. She was 11-1/2, but we’d hoped for a few more years, and she did not go gentle into that good night. The thing that I concentrated on was that I knew she’d had a very good life, that she had been happy. And we believe that her spirit remains with us, near her ashes on the piano, and following us wherever we go.

Same for other critters we’ve lost, especially the young ones. It’s true, they’re the hardest – but if their short time was the best it could be, and they knew they were loved, it helps a little.

I’ll give my furry friends extra hugs tonight, in honor of your little sweetie. Here’s one person who understands. Your ritual sounds lovely and appropriate.

I’m so sorry for your loss, sandalfeet. My dog was put to sleep because of kidney failure back in September. She was 15 years old, so it’s a rather different situation. But I do know something of how you feel.

I think the prayer ritual sounds like an excellent idea. Ceremonies are important for closure, and people forget that with pets sometimes. It won’t magically make you feel all better, but it’s good to have a place to start.

One thing to note: it’s a sad thing that this happens, but you may encounter people who’ll say things like “Don’t get upset, it’s just a dog.” If you do, please feel free to tell them I said to fuck off. You’re losing a friend, a family member, and that’s going to hurt for a while. And it sucks enough without people being judgemental about your feelings.

In any case, the Dopers are here for you, sandalfeet. If we can help in any way, please let us know (and my email addy is always available). I’ll remember your puppy and family in my prayers tonight.

sandalfeet, sorry to hear about your puppy. I lost my elderly cat Baby to the same thing. I guess I’m just “me tooing” but I will pray for you and your puppy. We Christians don’t have a set idea of what happens to animals, but I like what Martin Luther is supposed to have said, that it wouldn’t seem like Heaven if he couldn’t have dogs. Take care of yourself and your Mom

I didn’t read through this thread, because if I do I’ll cry. I just wanted to say how sorry I am. :frowning:

Oh, Sandalfeet, I’m so sorry.

I know how you feel. You will find a sad, but also sweet spot in your heart where you’re puppy will remain forever. An animal can be a family member, in every way, so don’t listen to anybody who thinks you’re over-reacting or who thinks it’s “just” a pet… there is no such thing as “just” if you’ve given your heart to it.

My dog got me through my teen years, and she knew every good and bad thing I did. She listened, tried to cheer me up, and was my best friend. My parents had to put her down when I was on holiday, overseas. I couldn’t afford a plane back within a couple of days, and then it was too late. I still get sad thinking about her, and how I wasn’t able to say goodbye… and it’s over two years ago now. But I also enjoy laughing about her mannerisms, her playfulness, how attuned she was to your emotions, and spending some time in that sweet spot in my heart, thinking about her.

My sympathies are with you. Hold your puppy tight.

I am so, so sorry for your loss, what a terrible, sad thing to happen.

The only consolation I can offer is that being put to sleep is very humane and your puppy won’t feel any pain. I used to work as a veterinary assistant and held animals while they were put to sleep, and it is quick and compassionate and doesn’t hurt them.

I’ve typed and deleted three long messages now. As the others said, just keep in mind that the suffering will be over, and at this point, that’s the thing to look forward to.

I just hope that when it’s time for my dog to go, I will be able to do it with a clear conscience; I think you can do so.

Jesus, it breaks my heart to even think about this. Be strong, and know that you’ve done the right thing.


My thoughts are with you and your family. The loss of a pet is so hard to deal with. I wouldn’t have gotten thru my cat’s death without the support of the people at the APLB. Their chat support groups were very helpful.


I’ve lost two of my ferrets in the last year, one of which I had to have put to sleep due to cancer. What helped me some is to hold her and tell her that she’d be feeling better soon. Of course I usually broke down in tears when I did this, but I hate the thought of animals being in pain more than I wanted to keep her around just for my sake. It’s not fair that it’s happened to a puppy or to you so often, but just try to keep remembering what joy you got from your puppy’s too-short life, and remind yourself that you were a good and kind owner and gave her a good home.

I’m so sorry…

I have to ask, though, since this young pup died of kidney failure, and you say your two older dogs died last year of the same thing, have you considered that there might be some environmental factor (a toxin, a latent disease) near or in your home that might have caused this? I only ask because I’d hate you to get a new puppy some day soon and have the same thing happen to it…

I really hate this for you. I know it hurts. Hang in there, sandalfeet .

one dog that died was 10 years old and the other already was dying when we bought her(needless to say, we didnt know this). the vet said that our pup inherited it and there is no way it couldve been prevented/stopped/slowed. we’re performing the ceremony tonight, i’ll let you all know how it goes. thanks for all of the support

Sandalfeet: are they all the same breed? I was just wondering if it had something to do with that.

So sorry for you and your mom. I know your
prayers will be heard and it will give both of you
some comfort in such a sad situation.

pls keep us posted.


ginger has taken a turn for the worst so we’re putting her to sleep around 6:30 tonight. I probley wont be back online untill tomorrow

Awww, that’s terrible news, Sandal. I had to put my 5 year old beagle to sleep in June and I still get sad thinking about his soulful brown eyes…

Your puppy was lucky to have such love in his short life.

Take care.


I am so sorry for your loss. Pup will have to live forever now in your memories. I have found that is one of the best places in the whole world.

I have a 12 year old britanny that is failing rapidly but my hubby does not want to make the decision to have her put down. We have both loved her dearly for over 11 years now.

Lou baby is blind, incontinent and senile. Going outside to pottie is becoming an ordeal for her because of her arthritis. It breaks my heart to see her this way and I believe I could help her end her suffering with a clear conscious. I know death and it holds no horror for me. I do not mean this is a callous way; I worked on a hospice floor for over 10 years and I was present when many many people drew their last breaths. I held their hands and gazed at their faces while one moment they were there and the next they simply were not. All that remains are the memories.