My Random Acts of Kindness Day

My recurring nightmare from childhood to the present consists of me begging for help and getting none. Something really bad will happen without help, and everyone passes me by.

I went to the hospital today for a blood draw (routine, check med levels, nothing to worry about) and the phlebotomist bless her heart took one look at my scrawny arm reached for the little baby butterfly needle. Painless. :slight_smile:

Next I was frantically searching for my keys :smack: and a woman stopped and asked if she could help. “If they’re not in your car, check with housekeeping lost and found.”:slight_smile:

I confirmed that the keys were in the car and went back into the hospital in search of a phone because my phone was dead.:smack: :smack: Two women walked me to the escalator and pointed me in the direction of the call center.:slight_smile:

Call center women found me a phone book, a pen, and told me how to get an outside line on the phone.:wink:

One of the people at the tiny private car lot I purchased my car from said he’d be at the hospital parking lot in about 15 or 20 minutes (even tho I’m sure rescuing little old ladies in distress isn’t in his job description).:rolleyes:

I went to the lobby Starbucks to get a small cappuccino to keep me warm while I waited for car guy, and didn’t have enough money.:o Did they take plastic? The barista just took enough change out of the tip jar to cover my shortfall.:cool:

Maybe hospital employees are used to dealing with dazed and confused people. But despite all my goofs, I was never made to feel stupid or bothersome. :slight_smile:

There are nice people in the world.:wink:

That is a lovely story. In spite of all the problems there was good stuff to mitigate it.

Probably just me, but I’ve found if you don’t act like an entitled, know-it-all asshole, people are more inclined to help when you need it. It works on me. A lot of times it works for me.