My Random Thought Of the Day: What if the highest score on Jeopardy is negative?

Sometimes random thoughts pop into my head as I’m doing things throughout the day. Today, my dad was watching Jeopardy and there’s this guy who’s been on for a while and who’s won over a million. Which got me thinking: what if everyone on a certain episode of Jeopardy (let’s call it the Idiot Edition) all had negative scores? Out of scores of -300, -400, and -500, would the person with
-300 “win”? And if they did, would they have to pay the studio :smiley: ?

Well, that was my RToTD. Clearly me thinking too much is dangerous…

No,. they wouldn’t have to pay, but if all three were negative there would be no Final Jeopardy. I saw that occur at least once in the Art Fleming era.

Well, the Jeopardy rules say that you can’t participate in Final Jeopardy with a negative score.

However, it’s never occurred (to my knowledge) that more than ONE player had a negative score, so I doubt that contingency plans for such a situation exist.

D’oh! I forgot about the Art Fleming era. I wonder if the rules changed when they brought it back with Trebek, though.

Not that rule.

If two people have a negative score at the end of Double Jeopardy, then the third player, with the positive score, automatically wins, and is allowed to bet up to x-1 dollars in Final Jeopardy, where x is the amount the player has going in.

I have seen triple negatives at the end of Double Jeopardy once. Alex Trebeck took a glove out of his pocket, and slapped the three with the glove Moe Howard-style.

I’ll have Anal Bum Covers for $1000.

You wrote, “Who is Buck Futter?” I don’t get it.

I haven’t watched the show in years but my college roommates and I used to be avid watched in the late 80’s. I saw a show where two out of the three had negative scores. The one guy left got to do Final Jeopardy alone. No, he didn’t bet everything.


Catagory 3: a petit’ dejuneur. thats about french things, so lets just skip it.

Burt Reynolds: yeah, i’ll take ape tit for 400.

Trebeck:its not ape tit, its a petit… oh nevermind.

I’ve never seen an episode in which 3 contestants had negative scores, but I HAVE seen an episode in which one contestant had zero and the other two had negative scores.

No, the guy with zero didn’t win. They brought in 3 new contestants the next day.

So, did they not play Final Jeopardy? Did they just repeat the clip about what departing contestants win three or four times?

Nope, they didn’t get to play Final Jeopardy.