My right testicle

I am starting this thread because it was a topic that I brought up on a previous thread.

My wife and I are very sexually active (min. 7 times a week). The problem is about thirty seconds prior to ejaculating, my right testicle pushes up above my penis (I feel like I am talking in 9th grade sex ed. class, sorry!).

It is not painful and my remedy has always been to gently push it back down. Does anyone know what could possibly cause this? Does anyone know of a possible solution?

Hey, Lance. You may not get an answer to this one, as it may be construed as a request for medical advice, which we are not allowed to give.

Oh, sorry! Let me rephrase my question, or request for help. Has anyone heard of this before or had it happen to them, or know of anyone it has happened to? Has there been a previous thread on this? Does anyone know of anything related to this?

I am not asking for a cure or remedy, so change my previous question(s) to the questions in this post.

It’s called the cremasteric reflex, and it happens commonly just before orgasm, it’s not associated with a disease state.

It can sure feel weird, though! I’ve had this happen to me, too, more or less frequently. At times I’ve found myself suddenly jumping up from the bed / couch / corn field / whatever, frantically fumbling around my privates in a state of absolute panic, convinced that I’ve lost one or both of my balls! So far, however, I’ve always been able to relocate them.