My second and third toes look like they branch from one big mega-toe. Is there a name for this?

Is this common? Is there a name for it?

It’s like I haven’t fully finished evolving from a four-toed creature to a five toed one. I’d post a pic, but I’m a work and I’d rather not have to explain what I’m doing if someone comes into by cube at just the right moment.

And the weirdest thing? It wasn’t like that yesterday. (Just kidding; it’s something I inherited from my dad.)

Webbed toes, aka partial syndactyly.

I was about to say no, it’s not just webbing but solid “foot stuff”, but I see from the link what I have is included in that definition. Thanks for the link! Mine isn’t anywhere near as pronounced as the pic in the Wikipedia entry, FWIW.

Hey, I’m “unusual”, yay!