My second circumcision...

Well, its actually my nephew Adam who is being circumcised as it is his bris on Sunday, but it will be the second circumcision that I will have been present at :slight_smile:

What I want the doper opinion is what sort of expectation there will be on me as a guest? Is a gift usual? What sort of gift? The father is Israeli and not religious, are the mother (my wife’s stepsister) has converted to Judaism…

All advice/thoughts welcomed


Just don’t “double dip the chip”. :smiley:

Now back to the thread.

I’ve never been to a bris. Does the rabbi get paid a standard fee, or does he just work for tips? :smiley:

Yeah, I know…old joke, but I couldn’t resist.

The only one I ever went to (for the son of a fellow graduate student) was more or less like a baby shower, but with much better food.

And, no, we didn’t have to watch. In fact I think it was all over by the time we got there.

Remember: only an immediate family gets to tell the Moyle:

“Hey, just a little bit off the top, ok?”

Just give a normal baby gift, if you want to give something. It’s not really considered a separate gift-giving occasion. The expectations of you as a guest are that you not fight for a front-row-seat, then faint, or run screaming, or distract the mohel at, um, an inopportune moment… the possibilities are endless, but I think you get the idea. Then you get to go hang out with the other guests and eat; most brisses that I’ve been to have been in the morning, so there tends to be breakfast food, like eggs, bagels, pancakes, etc. Listen politely to any short speeches anyone (usually the baby’s father) makes, wish the family a mazel tov, and you’re done. Not too tough, although I have to say that I’ve noticed many guys seem to adopt a subtlely hunched, protective posture at the actual circumcision ;j.