My secret addiction: fan-made superhero movie trailers

Have you seen these? They’re like, trailers for movies that don’t really exist made by fans who want to see a superhero movie “done right.”

A few weeks ago I started a thread about Sandy Collora’s World’s Finest movie trailer-- sort of a thematic follow-up to his 2003 Batman: Dead End. It’s notable for its live-action homages to the superhero paintings of Alex Ross.

Then, a little while ago, I found a new Robin movie trailer called Grayson that almost outdoes the Collora films in manic DC geekiness.

I am seriously geeking out on these things, man. Oh, it’s so sad.

I think I prefer the “trailer” format better than watching actual film shorts – you can hide some limitations in the production values a little better and it allows you to make up any backstory you want to fit the images.

So what do you think of these? Anyone know of any others?

I saw the Batman: Dead End trailer last year - very cool in its fanboy-yet-credible attempt to show the characters - definitely a wake-up call to DC/Warner (one can hope).

I tried to see World’s Finest, but couldn’t find a link to the actual trailer via the link you provide - am I missing something?

As for Grayson - downloading now…

To see World’s Finest go to the bottom of the page and download either the hi-res or lo-res versions.

IMO, you’re in for a treat with Grayson. It’s improbable but still fun.