Grayson - Rockin' Robin, the movie

Just watched a truly amazing amateur film; a mock trailer for Grayson, the movie in which an older Dick Grayson comes out of retirement to investigate and avenge the death of Batman. Superman and Wonder Woman, for some reason, really don’t want Dick unretiring and…

Well, watch the thing for yourself

Well, it’s not really “amateur”, since all those involved are industry professionals, but it is unathorized.

I downloaded and watched this a few weeks ago. Very slick. The guy spent $18,000 of his own money to make it, ouch! You should download the “making of” video (Pieces of the Puzzle) too.

I have to say though, it’s still not as cool as the Batman vs. The Preditors vs. Alien vs. The Joker thing from last year -

That was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.


Okay, I’ll bite, why can’t I see this movie?

When I click on the Hi-res option, it asks me if I want to open a compressed folder.

It’s in a zip folder, so you’ll need to select Yes to open it up.

Inside is a Quicktime file that’s about 138 Mb in size. You’ll need QT in order to view it, but you can get that from Apple.

Just trust me. It’s cool.

It’s a zip file. Download it and unzip it.

Holy crap! That was awesome! I so want that to be a real movie!

[Darth Vader]“Impressive. Most impressive.”[/DV]
For some reason it wouldn’t fully download through Mozilla, but I got it through Opera.

A (mini-)series would be better. There’s way too many characters in the trailer for a movie.

For a single movie: Better to drop the secondary plot (if you’ve watched it, you know which I mean), and concentrate on the Dick/Joker/Gordon/O’Hara dynamic of the main plot, and the Dick/Barbara personal story.

If the secondary plot were to be included…

Keeping it to just Superman would be better - WW and GL being involved is a bit much, reducing all three’s face time enough to ruin the effect.

With a mini- the secondary plot could be included with the problems minimized. (heh)

Perhaps a mini leading into a full series.

Perhaps if it led into a full series, Dick could become Nightwing after the events of the mini - with Batman gone and avenged, no reason to hold onto the Robin identity. And, face it, the Robin costume looks ridiculous enough on a cartoon teenager…it looks even worse on a real live grown man. (Although they do make it work better than most superhero costumes on film.)

Including the WW and GL costumes that they used.

Aw, crap. >_<

This was awesome, but I wouldn’t bother with Hi_res. It’s 130 MB, and the connection is rather shaky.

Good lord, is there any DC character they didn’t include? Well, I guess they left out Aquaman. And the Wonder Twins. And, um, and… And Aquaman.

Other than the gratuitous face-dropping, though, it looked cool. Is Dick and Barbara being married canon? And who were the two green-haired vilainesses? I would have figured Poison Ivy, were there only one…

I assumed they were generic Joker henchmen. They had the same whiteface and, I think, freaky big grin.

Tengu: Since the movie ain’t never gonna be made noways anyhow, I’ll go ahead and continue to dream about this being an actual trailer for a really, really good superhero movie with all those characters in it, and maybe a few others thrown in, too.

And a pony. If I’m wishing, I want a pony, too.

My argument that that would be a crappy movie as it stands isn’t dependant on it being a real movie. As a series it would be good, as a movie it’d be horrid and confused, or overlong (we’re talking LotR shown as a single film long, if you want to do the characters justice).

(Thanks Ike for fixing my spoilerbox.)

Odds are, as a series it would probably be horrid, confused, and overlong, too. Let’s face it, most stuff sucks, especially most stuff you see on TV. Since this isn’t ever going to be a movie, or a TV series, or anything else, why the hell set limits on what we’d like to think the final product would look like? I want it to be a movie, I want it to have all the characters we saw in that trailer, and I want it to be really, really good. Sure, that final clause is probably impossible. So’s the first clause. Yeah, if you want to be realistic about it, it would never work as a movie with the extra characters. But if you want to be realistic about it, it’d never work as a movie (or a miniseries) on any level. You really think enough people would tune into a miniseries about freakin’ Robin to justify the budget required to do even a half-way competent show?

If you’re going to wish, might as well wish for the moon and the stars.

Hey, you think a movie’s the most satisfying option, that’s fine.

Me, I’d rather see a series, since to do the story the trailer’s suggesting justice would require that, or a movie of a length my rear end hurts just thinking about. And it would kick ass being able to sit down once a week and see the adventures of Dick Grayson - be he Robin, or be he Nightwing.

Fair enough. I’d rather see a movie, since I don’t have my shit together well enough to remember to catch the show every night, and would inevitably wind up missing huge chunks of it. Plus, I’ve got a crappy little TV, and want to see this on a big screen.

Hey, how about this: I’ll go along with the miniseries idea, so long as I also get a wide-screen TV and Tivo along with it.

Oh, yeah… Widescreen TV is a must. I’ve been assuming I get one with it all along.

I would assume the movie would be aimed at comic fans who know enough about all the characters without having to explain who they were.

As for the plot, I’m guessing Supes wacked Bats and Robin gets the rest of the JLA to bring him in.

Of course, I’m probably way off here.