Grayson - Rockin' Robin, the movie

Looked to me like Wonder Woman was on Supes side. Maybe Dick’s investigation touches off a civil war within the JLA? That’d be good, too.

True. She does give one of those “Nooooooooooo!!!” scenes.

What the heck was wrong with Green Lantern’s eyes?

Was that Bruce Campbell as Superman?

Great little fictional trailer.

Ugh. That was the one part of the trailer that made me physically cringe. Bad shade of green, bad mask, bad everything.

I got something completely different from the Superman / Robin interaction, however. It seemed to me that he was throwing Dick aside because Dick was leaning on the Penguin a little heavily. That also explains the whole “STAY OUT OF THIS, CLARK!” remark.

I didn’t get that Superman was evil from that. Still, I won’t rule out the mind control thing, especially during that final fight where Dick breaks his hand on Clark’s jaw.

I was getting a DKR vide with Superman - he’s a tool of the government, and if he couldn’t rationalize with Grayson he’d use force (or more likely stand there and shatter Dick’s wrists with his massive jaw until Dick realize that he can’t compete).

Someone doesn’t want Dick investigating. Someone possibly in the government?



I have been trying to DL and watch this stupid thing since yesterday afternnoon. The first time, it was 90% done when I realized it was a zip file and I didn’t have an unzipper. When I tried to DL one, the computer froze. So, turn it off the bad way, turn it back on, get the unzipper ( rocks), DL the trailer, and… my outdated Windows Media Player won’t recognize it. After an unsuccessfull attempt to figure out how to bounce the thing to my Real Player, I DL’ed a new WMP, had to restart the computer and lost the trailer in my temporary internet files.

Twice, I accidentally closed the DL dialog box when the thing was almost cooked.

Then, this morning, I tried to DL it again, unzipped it, tried to play it and… WMP didn’t fire up. Instead, what I got was what appeared to be the controls and a counter for some kind of media playing software thingy that I don’t recognize, with no screen. So I got to listen to part of it. I closed the window and tried to get it into my WMP, and… the file was lost. So I’m trying to DL it again.

This thing takes about two and a half hours to download, and it’s a freaking five minute bit of video.

I want to watch this freaking thing, dammit!!!

Anybody know how to make it work?

.MOV extension = Apple QuickTime player, not WMP. Free download for Windows at the link.

Don’t think the small glimpse of the Green Lantern was truly necessary.
If it was the Green Arrow maybe, but not the Lantern.
(what can I say, I like Ollie)

Batman dead though, never.
Surely he would have been prepared?
I call shenanigans. :slight_smile:

I tried downloading the full version last night (dial-up, you know) but it timed out. I’ll try for the smaller version later on today.
Though on the Untamed Cinema website they have a gallery. I have to agree that the GL looks more that a bit ridiculous.

On further analysis, it looks a little bit like The Dark Knight Returns, except with the reversal of Robin coming out of retirement after Batman’s death. In that comic, as I recall, Superman was a fully co-opted government stooge whose secret identity was at least moderately well known.

Plus the bit where Joker breaks into the apartment while Barbara tries to crawl away is straight out of The Killing Joke.

Yep, a three-picture deal, with every major DC character showing up and some of them getting killed off… I’d pay to see it. They’ll have to recast Catwoman, though. That actress is awful (albeit hot).

Have to get Michael Keaton playing Bats for the flashback sequences.

Yes, she’s over-acting quite a bit… but I kinda think that was the point. On my viewing of the trailer, it’s obvious that the entire aesthetic is based on an updated version of the campy 60’s TV show - the characterizations of the Penguin, Joker, and Catwoman (and the Riddler’s two-second cameo) are very much in line with that feel. Plus… Chief O’Hara. The red trim on the Batmobile. The B&W Photo of Batman and Robin.

I have to say, upon retrospect, the one actor in the entire piece that blew me away was the woman playing Barbara. Her delivery of her two major lines (“You look like you’re training for a war” and “Don’t act like I don’t know what you’re doing!”) were both really sharp and believable.

Secondary kudos to the guy playing Robin. Although I would have preferred a different reading on that “burst into the boardroom” line he delivered. “You need to tell me what you know!”

Heck, when Superman comes strolling out the shadows at 3:38, it’s got “Terminator” written all over it.

And it’s supremely cool, of course.

Downloading now… must watch. Setting expectations to zero. :slight_smile:

I thought Barbara’s second line was terrible.
A bad bad piece of acting.
IMHB :stuck_out_tongue:

OK, I’m confused (and more than a little stupid in this area): I’ve downloaded fine and have StuffIt open with the file sitting there–how do I play it? Clicking on the file seems to just unstuff it again. How do I actually run the file? Is it saved somewhere (don’t remember doing that)? :confused: Help!

ArchiveGuy, since you’re using Stuffit, I presume you’re on a Mac? It’ll be in the same directory as the zip file, that most likely being the desktop. You may need to bring the desktop to the front for it to show up.

And I still can’t watch the old “Dead End” one, because it’s “not a file type that Quicktime recognizes”. MPEGs should play in Quicktime, and I’ve never had a problem with them on any other files.

The guy looks Terminator because according to his website he played the Terminator at Universal studios or some such thing.

This trailer looks really cool. I wondering if they have a script written or just decided to throw together a bunch of cool looking clips. Either way I was thinking about this quite a bit today (yes my job is that boring). I think a GL/Superman fight would be awesome. I’d also like to see Batman’s kryptonite ring come back into play. Maybe he gave it to GL, who gives it to Robin incase Supe’s tries to lay the smackdown on him again. Robin in vigilate mode uses it to take down Supes (like Batman did originally) but Robin doesn’t hold back leaving Supes in a near death state (hence WW “NOOOO!” scene)
Well, I can always dream…