Never mind Spiderman, Batman, Daredevil, The X-Men, etc. etc...

How about a New Teen Titans movie? Better yet, how about a prime-time Teen Titans series? If ever a comic book was crying out to be a prime-time series about the trials and tribulations of a bunch of super-powered teens, it’s the New Teen Titans. With Chris O’Donnell reprising his role as Robin (aka Nightwing). So many juicy roles, for a whole bunch of lovely young actors. And the earlier storylines (with Raven’s evil father, and Cory’s evil sister, etc.) would rival Buffy and the gang for suspense and depressingness.

How about an Authority or Planetary movie? Now THAT would be interesting. Might be too much back-story to cram into a movie though, especially since it’s not as well known as Batman or the rest. X-Men did it though…

Or heck, do Green Lantern. That could have some fun effects.

A few years ago one of the local Dallas weeklies had a cover story about a potential Green Lantern movie. It linked everybody from Tom Cruise to Mel Gibson to the project and said that at that time Jurassic Park 2 (IIRC) was the most intensive CGI movie with about 120 shots. The proposed GL movie would have had over 400 shots. Obviously the article was a Mcguffin. Nonetheless, I would love to see a Green Lantern feature.

Sorry about the double post… I thought of the Green Lantern idea and was too impatient to edit my own post…damned caffine…

Of course there’s the horror that apparently was the Fantastic Four movie, as well as the craptacular Justice League movie.

I always wanted to see Lobo in a movie, of course it would have to be rated R at the least to be properly done.

What about Watchmen? I’m not much for reading comic books, but a friend demanded that I read and was sure glad I did. I’ve heard rumors that there might be a movie project in the works, but never anything concrete.

Word on the street is that the next hero Marvel wants to put on the big screen (after the Hulk and Daredevil) is the Ghost Rider. Seems a little 70s to me, but what the hell, I thought he was cool when I was a kid.

If you look at the IMDB entry for Stephen Norrington, you’ll find that his next two projects are listed as Ghost Rider and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Good stuff, huh? :slight_smile:

First, I want to see Howard the Duck II - Howard quacks another case. This vastly underrated movie deserves to be brought back in the public eye. :wink:

Oooh, Ghost Rider. I used to have nightmares after reading those comics. That would make an excellent serious, dramatic movie. Maybe even a horror.

Screw that, I want a Barry Ween movie.

My first pick would also be Green Lantern, but I gotta cast a vote for my boy, The Silver Surfer.

I’ll be reading scripts at my earliest convenience, thank you very much. Send all requests to my agent. :wink:

-Dirty, a.k.a. the next Silver Surfer

Barry Ween rules.

But frankly I’d rather see Winick script a few more Barry Ween stories before the concept is pitched (and probably mangled) in Hollywood.

Stating the obvious, a lot of these concepts are only conceivable given CGI. I would expect though that the folks in Hollywood will want to film the big brands before they move onto such franchises as the Teen Titans or Ghost Rider.

I was kind of hoping for a Captain Canuck movie.

I have to say, Ghost Rider has the potential to be a pretty bitchin’ movie. As would Green Latern, and I always thought Lobo was pretty cool, too. As for my personal ideas; I think anything involving Arcade would be pretty cool (I know he’s really a Spider-Man/X-Men villain but he’s still a crazy nutjob). I know there’s many a superhero/villain worthy of filmage, unfortunately my mind’s gone a blank. How bout Logan (Wolverine) when he was weapon X? That may be on its way anyhow, though.

Nicolas Cage is heading up Ghostrider, apparantly it’s his baby.


I think Hawkman would have some potential, if done as a period 40’s movie.

Hawkman noir?

Origin and finale spoilers
I could go sort through all my comics, but off the top of my head-
Original GR-John Blaze makes a deal with Mephisto(The Devil for most intents and purposes) to stop cancer from killing John’s adopted father. Mephisto agrees. Dad doesn’t die of cancer. He’s killed in a car crash within the year. As payment, Mephisto places the demon Zarathos in Blaze. Under the right conditions(much like Bruce Banner), Blaze transforms into Ghost Rider-a flaming skeleton in a leather-unitard-biker-thingy riding a bike made entirely from hellfire. He’s superhumanly tough and strong. His hellfire does no physical damage but causes intense fear in humans. Zarathos is evil and he and Blaze fight for control. Eventually, Blaze traps Zarathos in a magic crystal with his arch enemy. Blaze goes back to a normal life.

minor origin spoilers
New GR While wandering in one of the many cemeteries in the neighborhood, Barbara and Dan Ketch stumble upon a meeting of a supervillian/crimeboss and some terrorists/scientists. The Ketches are seen and flee. They wind up in a junkyard. Barbara is shot. Dan sees a strange light. An abandoned motorcycle’s gascap appears to be a strange medallion. Dan touches it and becomes GR. The new GR is a “spirit of vengance”. When innocent blood is spilled(for a while this was literal. You could strangle 100 people and never worry about GR. But use the torture-of-a-thousand-papercuts and GR shows.), the medallion glows and Dan can become GR. The new GR wore more spikes and chains, and only the wheels of his bike were fire. Besides the usual toughness and strength, GR could manipulate his chains as lassos or spears. GR’s hellfire burned as normal flame. As a spirit of vengance, he possessed the “pennance stare”. He would look into a criminal’s eyes and cause them to feel all the pain and fear they had caused their victims.Dan and GR had a friendly relationship. The book was great for a while. Then they decided to ruin GR. They made him angst ridden and whiny and aggghh!

I stopped reading the book at that time. At some point GR got a new more traditional superhero costume. I never bothered to find out why. Last year Blaze apparently became GR again. He had a miniseries that was drawn like a bad parody of the original.

You’re a gluton for punishment, aren’t you? :smiley:

Try a full-length Usagi Yojimbo: Samurai Rabbit.

Or Groo.

Didn’t they talk about making a Ghost Rider movie a while back? I swear I heard there was going to be one in the mid-90’s…

They’ve already done Blade and Men in Black neither of which were big name comic books.