I'm now convinced a Wonder Woman Movie could work...

…because someone kind of already made one. It’s short but pretty damn good.

Sure. I’d love to see a Clash of the Titans crossed with superheroics plus perhaps a Hippolyta WWII flashback, an invisible jet, and maybe a love interest stranded on an island of warrior women with a bondage kink.

It’s not great by any means, but the recently released *Justice League: War *puts WW on the front lines. It may be confusing to some unless you realize it’s based on DC’s “New 52” continuity, and all the characters involved have been retconned to the bone. (Bats, Supe, WW, Flash, Green Lantern and the others are essentially meeting for the first time in this continuity.)

I hate to break it to you . . .

I’d love to see the symbolic outline of a jet that is invisible to the characters onscreen, you literalist bastard.

I live not far from San Diego, and I’ve often fantasized about getting a bit of outdoor space near the Convention Center during Comic-Con. With a camera and a sign offering “Get Your Photo Taken with Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet! $20.00”.

Son of a gun! (And daughter of a goddess!) That WAS good!

I say this every time. All you need to do to make a really good superhero movie is take the material seriously! And be sure to mute down the colors of the outifts, lest they look like buffoons running around in adult Underoos! Burton’s & Nolan’s Batmans did it, so did Snyder’s Man of Steel. Hell, Richard Donner’s original Superman:The Movie set the mold!

Needless to say I find the current Marvel films ok, but still too goofy (Raimi’s Spidermans were a mixed bag…)

And am I the only one that was glad the makers of that WW trailer composed real music instead of just using the now cliche Lux Aeterna for forced seriousness! :smiley:

That clang was my jaw hitting my desk. Seriously.

I prefer a more serious tone as well, but Marvel’s jokey, quippy stuff is arguably the more popular approach to superheroes at present. One of MOS’s biggest criticisms was the ‘lack of humor’, which I think means ‘lack of punchlines’.

To a degree - I daresay another critical element is that the superhero must enjoy being a superhero to some extent (even if that enjoyment occasionally stems from sadism and destruction). If it’s all angst (Spider-Man) or brooding (Batman), I find it gets tedious.

Hmmm … that could be very interesting.

However, the key question would be … who would you cast to play WW?

Seems to me that the eventual outcome would depend enormously on that choice.

For example, if the title falls into the hands of Uma Thurman, there is a good chance you could have a winner. But, if it goes to Melissa McCarthy, it would likely be a turkey. (Can turkeys really fly by the way?) She may be a fine actor. But the extra 50 pounds would just not make for a believable WW unless, of course, they found some way to film from her viewpoint and never showed her body. Remember the beginning of Lady in the Lake? It might work like that. But, where and how can you find another Robert Montgomery? I just cant see that happening - unless the film was a comedy and people found a way to laugh at WW Fat City. I suppose the outcome then would be a real shocker - whatever it was. Of course, you would need a first class choice for the lead as well as a director, editor, love interest and ringmaster. Somehow, I just don’t see this all coming together without a laugh track and when is the last time you heard of a successful movie comedy with a laugh track?

Of course, the part might be given to Megan Fox. If it was, I think the success or failure of the film would be a complete mystery.

She’s already been cast: http://tworandomgirls.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/gal-gadot.jpg

And signed a 3-picture deal: http://variety.com/2014/film/news/wonder-woman-gal-gadot-signs-three-picture-deal-with-warner-bros-1201067961/

Can I claim Literalist Bastard as a future name, in case I get tired of Digital is the new Analog?

Am I the only one who found that short to be…not good?

No, I thought it was crap.

Good gravy! Not good? Crap? How come? I thought it was superb! The transition from a modern cityscape to the Olympian realm with brilliant. The metaphors are remarkably rich. And all in under three minutes? This was a three-minute Iliad.

Explain, I beg, why you thought it was bad. At this point, I utterly cannot see it.

Huh. I thought it was this one.

I was pretty meh on it too.

The interpretation of of the costume was too literal, it looks too goofy in live-action.

The human fight scene was pretty forgettable. (Plus, Checkov’s lasso!). She just seemed like “generic kung-fu chick” from dozens of other movies. And it was kinda unclear until the end why the bullets weren’t hitting her.

The Ancient Greek stuff was more interesting, but also kinda emphasized how hard to make a Greek Goddess themed world into a modern setting.

Realizing I’m being kinda harsh on an amateur 2 minute video. It looked pretty good for what I imagine was a near-zero budget. But it didn’t really make me want to see a WW movie and, since Trinopus asked I thought I’d give the reasons why.

(on edit, I liked epbrown’s better. It was much less ambitious, but it did what it set out to do well).

All right. Shot by shot. This is going to get very nerdy and VERY pedantic.

[li]A “No Parking” sign is in flames - as Zoolander’s crew has just finished a gasoline fight, I guess.[/li][li]Terrorists with small arms scurry down a street with apartments burning in the background - because bullets.[/li][li]The costume is serviceable for the budget. Fur is not the right choice though.[/li][li]Floaty slo-mo fights! Poor Adam-Westian choreography! It’s the Robert Rodriguez school of filming fights. Complete with disjointed shots; no move transitions into another. And the bad guy with the pistol is forced to act with his eyebrows – and they look constipated. Bravo, I didn’t know that was possible. This guy is the Philip Seymour Hoffman of eyebrows.[/li][li]Did she just supermodel catwalk turn her way into a flashback? Who’s even left standing? Who knows?[/li][li]Themyscira is a nice inclusion, and for the budget, I understand that it has to look like Kevin Sorbo lives next door.[/li][li]I guess a society of warrior women is a hard sell, because in the snippets we see of these ladies, they look like they’ve been cast for the porno spoof and not the real deal.[/li][li]Oh, it was a flashback complete with Evanescence-esque wailing! So WW having a pistol held to her head calls to mind the time she one-shotted a Kaiju? Now, for all the threat our constipated terrorist ISN’T in comparison, WW should have yawned her way back to the present. There’s no stakes with wildly inconsistent power levels. Both threats can’t be equal to a lady who has traded shots with Superman. But on the plus side, they had the presence of mind to not have the token black Amazonian be the one to toss her the spear.[/li][li]Why is she dodging punches? WW fans already have to hand-waive the fact that she uses bracelets to deflect bullets that cannot hurt her. Is it not more remarkable to shrug off a human-level punch? Yes, yes it is.[/li][li]They went to all the trouble, can’t they have her do something heroic or inspiring in the present-day setting!? I mean, for shit’s sake – look how inspiring a single Adam Hughes comic cover can be! If we must have terrorists, this is how it goes down. Not with some bleakness borrowed from Jack Bauer, but awe and humor of the better Marvel films.[/li][li]And Wonder Woman awkwardly shrugs her way skyward, and somewhere Peter Foy is weeping softly.[/li][/ul]