Comic book movies you'd make...

Using estabilshed storylines.

  1. Marvels, one of the greatest comic storys ever told, following the life of photographer Phil Sheldon(Spector?) with super-heroes aka the marvels. The story is based basically on him, how the marvels affect the way he lives, and society. I would hope they’d make a better version of Marvels 2, because it was terrible.
    Any other suggestions?

I’ve heard rumors of an Iron Fist movie with Ray Park in the title role.

I’m not too sure how I feel about that, but I’d really like to see a Power Man & Iron Fist movie set in the 1970’s, which was really the heyday for those characters.

I mean, the two characters basically represented two of the biggest movie crazes of the time, blaxploitation and martial arts pictures, and a movie that plays on that could be really awesome.

There isn’t any specific storyline I’d like to see brought to the screen, but get Quentin Tarantino to write and direct it and you’d have one of the coolest movies ever right there.

A New Mutants movie would really rock me. It was my favorite book in my teens, and I think the teen drama would lend itself really well to a movie.

Other titles I’d like to see, Powers, but that’s already slated to go, with Frank Oz in the directors chair, and Savage Dragon, if only because I’d like to see the censor’s flip out.

I’d also like to say, for another movie, Secret Wars or The Crisis. They aren’t very feasible though, mainly due to budget costs.
2) Daredevil: Born Again would be the perfect sequel. The storyline centers around the kingpin finding out who DD is, and basically ruining his life in DD’s secret id.
Scott, what storyline or basic plot would the new mutants movie have?

As long as you keep Berry Gordy away from it, yeah.
But, I’m with you on this one. Danny and Luke were a hell of a fun team to follow. I’d prefer pretty much anyone besides Ray Park as Iron Fist, though, m’self.

Gotta agree with you there. The guys an incredible stunt man, but I think there’s a reason his major roles so far have been (mostly) nonspeaking roles that require him to do nothing more than jump around, twirl a stick and look cool.

Maybe he could be the stunt double?

Yeah, that’s pretty much the point, I think, Aslan. The guy’s not much of an actor, based on the very little we’ve seen of him, anyway.

Daniel Rand (Iron Fist) was an American, raised (for the most part) in the Orient. A fairly decent actor, working with a speech coach, could probably do a convincing accent to reflect that. It’s minor, but bad voice casting bugs me, personally, all out of proportion to the nitpicking that it really is.

I’m a Heroes For Hire geek, so I wanna see the Danny Rand from the comics in the movie version. There was a reason George Lucas overdubbed Park’s lines with someone else’s voice.
Another example of this:
Ask an X-Men fan what he thought of Logan’s accent in the very first animated X-feature Marvel put out. Canadian != Australian.

[sub]I kept waiting to hear him say, “G’day, bub.”[/sub]

I was just thinking that, in the right hands, Alan Moore’s Watchmen would be fantastic as movie. Granted, it’d be three-and-a-half hours long, but both Harry Potter movies were pretty close to that. I’m surprised that there hasn’t been any attempt to make one already.

Actually, now that I think about it, distilling the multiple plot threads into a cohesive Hollywood format would be a nightmare.

For a less ambitious fella like myself, theres an Aussie comic called Platinum Grit I used to be very fond of that I think I could make a pretty good film of based on the main characters alone.

Wonder Woman - DC Comics/Warner Brothers, Can I please have a good WW Movie and merchandising in my F’ing Lifetime.

With all the Marvel movies coming out, you would think DC/WB would counter with their own Comic Book Movies - and not Superman and Batman (I have heard of a Batman Year 1 and a new Superman), (boring). I’m talking about the Green Lantern Corps - Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, John Stewart, etc. that make up GL. How about Flash and all the incarnations. Catwoman, I hear is in the works. Birds of Prey Movie, not the show, that may have done better.

Like every other Legion of Super-Heros fan in the universe, I wish they’d make a movie of them.

I heard there was an attempt at one, but it fell through due to lack of budget ( airships, arctic fortresses and so on cost money). On the whole, I don’t think ‘Watchmen’ would really work as a film. The fascinating thing about it is all the background stuff, so many little clues and things to find in each panel. Films don’t really work like that; you have to bring the camera across everything you want the audience to see, and so it becomes much more overt.

A friend of mine (while we were having this very conversation) suggested Iron Man. I mean, we’re just beginning to get CGI organics looking good, but I’ll be damned if we can’t do robots/metal/objects-in-general really freaking well.

Damn…forgot to add: X-Statix (formerly X-Force) would be awesome, if done right. Of course, it would also be the end of comic book movies, when everybody brought their 5 year-old and then watched people’s faces being melted off with super-vomit.

I wish they’d make one based on Jaime Hernandez’ half of Love and Rockets.

It would be funny as hell to have Itchy and Scratchy done with live actors, with the best Hollywood FX to depict the gore and carnage.

I think The Watchmen could be a fun film, even though it would lose some of what made the comic so great.

A “comic” film I’ve wanted to see for a long time is a movie version of the original 4-issue miniseries of Gaiman’s Books of Magic. I was even about halfway through a screenplay adaptation of it myself before I learned (from Neil, no less), that a script already does exist and has been purchased by Warner Brothers. I guess they’re hoping to capitalize on the similarities with Harry Potter, or something. Neil said it will most likely get made at some point. It better. And if it does, it better use the Rush song “Presto” at the end! :smiley:


It’d be a 500 hour long movie. :slight_smile:

Ooooh. How about, say, the “Doll’s House” story arc from Sandman?

I’d love to see a Preacher movie, but they’d probably screw it up. :frowning: